Fantasy Books for Beginners

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So, you want to start reading adult fantasy, here’s some introductory books you might like! And stay tuned for Intermediate and Advanced Adult Fantasy Recs in the coming videos!




Turns out I don’t have one but I love it, so read it anyway



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Catex says:

I just got into the genre with kings of the wild. Super easy to read, very fun and exciting. It was perfect for me! Thinking about reading powder mage or the witcher next 🤔

Kennedy Lehane says:

Captive Prince series

Joe Courtney says:

Surprised at the level of beginner level ha. Some of those are adult but exited to see what else.

delatoba says:

I recommend the Gentleman Bastard series. Great books!

Cindy Panda says:

I think the "Iron Druid Chronicles" by Kevin Hearne are perfect for beginners. We follow a 2000 years old (but looking like 22) Druid named Atticus. His best friend isan irish wolfhound named Oberon and they are both hillarious!

Allison Marie says:

I really think you’d like Michael J Sullivan’s books for light highly digestible fantasy with witty banter!! Start with The Theft of Swords – you won’t regret it.

ReadWriteZoe says:

I think Laurell K. Hamilton was one of my introductions – so many shifters and were animals, and vampires and necromancy, but sexual tension and actual sex. I think I picked that up when I was 15/16 and I'm still reading her books nearly 12 years on!

Alex Nieves says:

Came for the porn, stayed for the books. I have the Book of the Ancestor trilogy arriving HOPEFULLY soon, I can never tell since Book Depository doesn't let us track shipping!

Keri Alvigini-Cwiak says:

I’m new to Fantasy in general and I got the first 3 books so I’m happy to hear they are a good introduction! Interested to see your other recommendations !

Me Sa says:

I relate to the porn thing so much. When I mentioned to a friend that I’ve been reading adult books, he immediately said “so, porn?”

Andrea's reading list says:

I’m so glad you made this because I’m lost when looking in this genre👌

Stars and Embers says:

I've read two of these and the other two are on my TBR, so I should probs get onto those 😛

Pam Johnston says:

when i read red sister i could not understand the magic system to save my life and i am not new to fantasy. genuinely don't know if i will continue with the series unfortunately.

Michelle Rodriguez says:

You turned me on to Nevernight with your beautiful series and now I’m obsessed!

Anya says:

'Book of the Ancestor' is the series I desperately want to read, but every time I go to order it, one book in the series is sold out. And I need all three at once, cause I'm a binge reader with absolutely zero fucking chill.

Misty306 says:

I still have to read "Ninth House" and "The Shades of Magic" trilogy; however, "Vicious" and "Vengeful" by V.E. Schwab are amazing books for readers who want either a superhero or a metaphysical aspect to the stories!

Dahakha Moontouched says:

Hey Piera, new subscriber, glad to have found your channel! Great video, your choices were well argued. Looking forward to the intermediate and advanced ones.

Aurora_skies says:

Anyone else waiting for nevernight to come up? I mean, of course?

Diana Biancardi says:

I didn't like the Nevernight audio book. Pretty boring. I've read A Darker Shade of Magic and only gave it 2 stars :(.

Matthew Lewis says:

Wow what is going on with that Red Sister cover!

Teresa Dunivent says:

Do you ever recommend the audiobooks for Nevernight? I was considering buying all three.

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