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What’s up blokes and folks! It’s ISH here and welcome to my channel Infinite ISH!

In this video, I am reviewing the book Fantastic People who Dared to fail written by Luke Reynolds, in my usual Fantastic flair! And do guess how many times I speak “Fantastic” in this video! And don’t forget to watch my video till the end for super funny bloopers! And don’t forget to give it a like, share with your friends and subscribe to my channel!

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Till then, Adios Amigos!

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Rahul Pasi says:

Keep going…👏👏

Chandrika Sampat says:

Today's story is very fantasitc

Mashru Prime says:

You have said fantastic 20 times I guess?

Mashru Prime says:

Fantastic video Ish 👌👌😀

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