every book i read in 2020

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happy new year everyone!! here’s my list of every book i read in 2020, my favorite books, as well as my reading plans for 2021!

let me know how many books you read in 2020 and which ones were your favorites!

thank you all for sticking with me through the past year despite my lack of reading and uploading. i have a lot of really exciting plans for this year and one of them is definitely to be more consistent with youtube so i hope you’ll all continue to stick with me as i try to make that happen. I love you all so much and i hope this new year treats you well 💗

books mentioned:

– the toll
– severance
– the hand on the wall
– all the bright places
– how it all blew up
– clap when you land
– ninth house
– in the dream house
– chain of gold

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thank you so much for watching 💛


Thrifty Asian says:

I have missed so you much. I love just listening to your voice. ❤

mj s says:

why does she remind me of queen Mary from reign😂

Harry potter glee starwars disney fan says:

I only read six books in twenty twenty one well four books and two comic books super girl and the League of super heros wolverine and xman those are the two comics and the four books are crazy rich Asian and everything everything and 101 horror moives to see befor you die and the last book hoilday kisses

Jacky V says:

It low key hurt that you didn’t like “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven, it’s one of my favorite contemporary stand-alone novels. But, of course! Everyone has their own preferences and I very much enjoy hearing yours and how your planning to think more about your own happiness rather than putting it on hold for the sake of others. Also, reading Chain of Gold made me want to throw the book across the room ( in a very good way) more times than I can count. Tatiana Blackthorn has got to go! Anyway, I can’t wait to hear more about the books you’re going to read this year, I hope they bring you the escapism that all readers aspire to have when reading a book. 💙✨

Danielle V. says:

My reading goal for the year is only 12 books. This is the first year that I made it anything below 20 because I'm tired of feeling panicked at the end of the year when I have 5 books or something left to go. Reading should just be fun! I probably will read more than 12 books but who knows? Definitely don't finish a book you aren't enjoying! It makes reading a chore.

Nurjahan B Laskar042 says:

The video starts at 8:40

Sne Joon says:

Hannah! So glad to see you here again 🥰 Your voice is so comforting and even if you want to do a 1 hour video of your ranting, would still watch 🙂 Do what you love and hope we all have a better year 💜

velvet thunder says:

i'm really glad you are growing and try to do what's best for your health. i'm very proud.

Book Buds says:

The Hand on the Wall!! Loved it

Bhavika Jain says:

honestly this video made me feel so much better about not reading a lot in 2020 because it sort of felt like I had so much time on my hands YET I didn't read excessively, when honestly its normal to not enjoy the things you usually enjoy when your routine isn't "normal" anymore. Thanks Hannah!

Lauren Rodriguez says:

I am re reading the entire Shadowhunters series in order to get caught all the way up. Re reading in 2021 is my goal too. I usually read 2 books at a time.

The Imperfect Scrapper says:

Sometimes it’s nice just to sit amongst your books staring at their beauty without reading a single page 😉

Emily Leistra says:

do you have a recommended order to read cassandra clare books?

Gillian warren says:

🐙🐚🐌🐝Happy New Year ~ be kind, rewind, be considerate.🍄🌏🪁♟Comfort read yay🏴‍☠️

Avery Moore says:

In 2020 I read Atlas Shrugged and even tho it was so good it forced me into a reading slump. So, now I’m watching Hannah instead of finishing War Storm (not mad tho tbh)

Patricia Spindle says:

I can relate to what you said about pressuring yourself into reading for the sake of creating content, although I'm not a content creator I do the GR challenge every year and I always feel frustrated when I see other people reading hundreds or even thousands or books every year when I can do 30 if I'm lucky. Which leads me to hit some really awful reading-slumps way too often because I try to read more and so I have up to 7 books at any given time and if I finish two of those that's a lot. Anyway, I think you've expressed exactly how I feel most of the time about books and you're absolutely right: no one should read for others because that doesn't make any sense. So I'm taking your words to heart and I'll do my best this year to remember why I love reading so much instead of streaming over how many books I'll be able to read. Thank you so much! It's great to have you back! 💜

Xochilt Rodriguez says:

I felt the exact same way!!! I used to love reading and lately I’ve been in the worst slump. I’m just trying to take my time and picking up a book when I feel motivated.

Unabashedlyanne says:

I loved The Toll, I just felt like it turned out to be a lot at the end, there was a bit too much going on for me

Theodora Faith says:

Hannah: “I only read 8 books this year.”
Me: counts* “… 1… 2… 3. 3 books.”
(One was “Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye” by Lois Lowry and it was AMAZING. It’s now one of my favorite books of all time. Totally recommend.)

maddie buchanan says:

Missed you Hannah! Do want makes you happy! Just happy to watch you read anything! ❤️❤️

Tumisang Motlhaping says:

I really missed seeing you and hearing your opinions

Carolina Barata says:

thank you for this. i really needed to hear that. i’m not a content creator but i always pressure myself to read a lot because the people in my life know me as “the girl who reads a lot”. in 2020 i also went from reading 80 books a year to 5 🙃. 2021 will be the year i focus on myself and read for me.

UnicornKhan379 says:

I love how you explained where you are when it comes to reading and books. It made sense to me and I hope to see more of your videos even if you don't read but whatever makes you happy. Obviously if you want to make a video and whenever you do:)
But yes read for you and what you love 🥰

Elena S says:

you speak what i feel. i love you, do what makes you happy! 🙂

Malauna says:

resonated with your words so much, thank you for this…

Annie McNulty says:

I love this video. It’s SO important to just do what makes you happy

Nicole says:

You’re so freaking pretty!!

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