Europa Report (2013) movie review science fiction thriller

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My review for Europa Report. I have to give this movie credit. Science fiction films like this are not done enough by Hollywood.

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Street Skater 66 says:

Knowing we have not even been to the moon and the ISS is fake and that satellites are too I find it hard to watch space travel bullshit films these days.

Giggitycore says:

This is a good movie, it is quite interesting. Not a GREAT movie, but I do love these thought expirament type movies.

Orca Flotta says:

Jeeze, for a movien critic this guy is pretty much clueless. Doesn't know how to pronounce the actors' names, doesn't know Embeth Davidtz, calls it a found footage movie even though it was clearly a "documentary made from archived footage".

Oricand says:

I live in Europa 😀

Kalin Dokis says:

I'm really excited to see this now! I like the setting. Europa is such an enigmatic but important planet

Anthony William Rich Jr says:

Kinda Good but, Too much like a space blair witch project. Regret renting this for 1.50 lol
Stupid alien at the end, looks like a ufo.

jder06 says:

This movie was in certain spots not to bad, and in other spots very bad !  Let's just list a couple of what the  "F's" moments.  One, who the hell go's out to space walk and not tether to the ship too first !  Two, who the hell wrote that one person would go out on the surface of the moon with no back up !  What the other's couldn't suit up too !  At least someone could and should have went with her.  This movie was one piece of eye candy with totally bad writing, damn shame.

89792131121607920 math is cool says:

A few things seemed off about this film…
– The first guy who gets knocked away from the ship & eventually dies could have easily been saved by a bungee cord. Would it be that hard to include an extra cord? Or a zero gravity jet pack? Seems like a lazy way to add drama.

– The lady scientist astutely observes that the ice looks thin but ignores it and foolishly keeps on pursuing the luminescent object even though there's no way of getting a clear view of it being THE ICE IS IN THE WAY!!! Kinda dumb. (plus ur alone, all ur buddies are in the ship & u don't know the width of the ice) Not the brightest scientist.

– I thought it was a bit stupid that the entire planet is covered in ice (&everyone suspects an ocean to exist below) So what do they do?  Drill almost exactly where they landed! Even if the ice is thick after all, how do u know there isn't an ice cave or ice pockets below that have been there for eons? Anything could happen and ur entire craft comes crashing down into some hole. Not the best plan.

– I wish they would have gone a bit farther creatively and not fallen right away for the idea that the ocean would be immediately below the surface. It woulda been kinda cool if there were mysterious ice caves stretching for miles while before u reached some sort of epic vast ocean under an ice dome. just a thought

– It would have been nice to see a sunset or sunrise on Europa before the entire crew went gurgling senselessly below the ocean.One or 2 survivors would have been nice like in Red Planet.

– I thought the communication disruption was a bit of a lazy way to create drama. I think they could have come up with a better way to create a mystery of what happened for the control crew on earth.

Over all it was mediocre, but nothing really surprised me or scared me. Also, I think it was quite obvious that they were going to find life, it was just a question of what. That itself made the movie boring because u knew they would find life regardless of how many died. I was hoping for something a bit more unsettling or terrifying than microscopic organisms and a single luminescent octopus like thingy even though it was kinda cool.

Over all, this just doesn't seem to reach the realm of classics for me. Sorry.

jsf333 says:

(SPOILERS)I liked it,but I think if humans were to go to Europa they would first have unmanned probes survey the landscapes and gather data and there would be very little human interaction with the surface if any.The idea of sending the whole crew down to gather data on an (unknown) surface isn't very realistic.Risking the potential loss of data and would just be plain stupid.The ending I thought was pretty good,but I agree there was no emotional connection with the characters accept for James because you got at least some of a background with him,the others not so much,but the scene where katya dies was sad.


I just saw this movie on NETFLIX…and it was 'very intresting'…MUCH BETTER than 'APOLLO 18' flop that I saw!  But i'm still waiting for the ultimate SciFi/Astronaut movie to be mad already!!!.

  We need something realistic of what's up on the Moon and the Alien Moon base up there and Obelisks that NASA denies.  Something serious with no hollywood special effects….but this movie was a 4 out 5 stars for it's real ness in space and non of the crazy hollywood suspension in it.!

Clint Ronnow says:

They only had one radio. And it's systems were on the outside of the ship. In a fuse box. WOW! that was so realistic, it was scary. No one left on the command module in orbit? That right there is a huge FAIL! 30 dozen robots sent to the surface would have been a better idea, since the humans never planned to go outside the lander anyways. etc, etc, etc.
It was a nice movie, I liked it.
Now…. you know we must go back and nuke them from orbit. 😉

bman2095 says:

Maybe. Of the movies I like that have little to no character development (Only God Forgives, Valhalla Rising, Gravity, etc.) They all have tension and drama that I think really help pull me in. This movie had drama though but I just didn't feel it. Maybe it was because it was a found-footage.

V OX says:

Maybe you just need more drama than me. In my opinion almost every movie gets so emotional that it makes me sick. There's no such drama in real world and no reason to exaggerate.

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