DVD Reviews : 'Robots'

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An underated animation movie in my opinion, defiantly one to check out.
Let me know if theres anything you want me to review?


ellenkingsley says:

I think I saw Robots in cinema when I was a kid I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would

not zeb says:

fuck you robots is a 5/5 film…

Jules Hinmon says:

Robots>Ice Age.

BladeBlur says:

For a moment I thought you were Rachel Riley from Big Brother

TMR says:

Very good movie

Samuel Hayward says:

Except that Ice Age and Robots aren't DreamWorks movies.

Aly Walker says:

I really liked Robots too! I thought it was good. Have you seen Flushed Away? that ones pretty good too! (havent seen it in awhile)

Jake Conley says:

I enjoyed Robots haven't seen it in a while but I did enjoy it. I would have to say the 1st Ice Age and 1st Shrek are far better Dreamworks films. Though I think Robots beats the sequels to those movies. Great review!!!

william 54 says:

Ur beautiful!!!! I liked that movie alot when it came out!

Lara Abdallah says:

I haven't seen this movie yet,I need to and yes Robin Williams is in it. 🙂

ItsBrad100 says:

Nice review really enjoy this movie I can remember really enjoying this one when I was younger and I can remember just about everything that goes on in the story I do agree with you that this is under rated and thinking about it I think that it is robin Williams ahaa nie vid frankie 🙂

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