Dungeons & Dragons Vs Rick and Morty Reviewed

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Jeff shares what you’ll find in the Dungeons & Dragons Vs Rick and Morty boxed set and reviews the release from Adult Swim and Wizards of the Coast. The boxed set arrives in stores November 19th and will carry an MSRP of $29.99.

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Markus Mitchell says:

This is my first D&D set

Rs says:

you sound like rick

tomkelly00 says:

Just looking at this, it's a gimmick. It might draw some new people to d&d but at the same time seems like an afterthought on things to sell…

kirby dinosaur says:

I wish they made mini figure for this board game

Indiana Olson says:

All featured monsters are also in the starter set.

B3 Productions says:

Wait, you didn't play it? That's like reviewing a movie without watching it lol. It is a great price for what you get though.

WitherLord888 says:

I wonder if you’ll run into Probabilitor in this campaign. True cartoonists/theorists will understand

Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish says:

Dm screen and dice is worth the $15 I paid for it alone

Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish says:

Thanx for the input
I’m buying this to get the kids/teens into dnd

Fatts Fatts says:

does anyone elses character sheets have typos in the mods? mine has several

Nicrap says:

My favourite part of this video. 0:20

Garyn Zerk says:

Is the screen the same material as the standard dm screen?

Jackofhearts22 says:

Is there a way to just get the module separate from everything else.

carl madsen says:

Wasn't the comics made by oni press?

Wout Landuyt says:

Hey! This kit seems so Nice! I’d love to run this adventure as a DM…can this set be played with 1 DM and 2 players or is this impossible? Kind regards 🙂

Andrew Jamieson says:

Pity due to copyright problems it won’t be released here in Europe yet.
May have to import it .

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