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In which Dorin gives you her casting choices in the event of an adaptation of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern.

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samyosoy says:

You should take the pleasure of listening to Dick Hill read this and many of the Pern books as audiobooks. Masterfully done. Distinct characters come through his choice of voices, tones, and choices of accents. And you'd appreciate the dragons talking to and with their riders, although not moving mouths, as their communications are telepathic.

Shannon LaCaze says:

In Dragons Dawn, Sorka mentions that the dragons sound like their riders. So add some bass to the voices to make them sound like they are in a tunnel or something and have the actors with dragons also do their voices.

Voices of the outworld says:

What about Lucy Lawless for Manora. And Dawayne Johnson for Fanderel. If he was still around, the old guy from Blade, as Robinton. Your other choices are defenantly unique and some castings are very over loaded with A & A+ list actors that would swamp any budget for a real chance at a production.

Belladonna Tanner says:

The Harpers were teachers and keeper of history. Robertson is not just a Master Hearper he The Master Haper. Part of the reason this has taken so long is doing the Dragons Justice and the only person in the first book to hear them all was Lessa. Lyttal does play an important role. And I don't feel you did the sunopuse of the over all story very well. The books classify as Sci-fi and there is a very good reason for that. Which becomes more clear in the second book. Thread is just one threat that the planet faces. Anne's dragons are unquiet compared to fantasy dragons. I could go on but I think your lack of familiarity with the books hurts your casting. The only one I agree on is Lessa.

nancy knebel says:

I met Anne McCaffrey a couple of times and if you want to know the HER view of the characters, there is the book by Robin Woods "People of Pern" They worked together on the people. Also Anne said, more than once, that her ideal F"lar was Robin Hood from the English television show Robin of Sherwood.

phatal sin says:

watch……. A boy and his dog made in 1974 …that's the way the dragons should speak

phatal sin says:

Dragons were telepathic ..They didn't actually speak ..you heard them in your mind…..Dragons snarled , roared ,..but a talking dragon…… No making a dragon talk in the normal way would look stupid on film .. so I am opposed to any dragons mouthing words..

Nina Strachan says:

The dragons' voices are an echo of their friend's. I'm sure I remember reading that Brekke makes that observation. So no extra, specific voice-over people would need to be chosen.

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