Dracula Untold Movie Review

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A review of the Dracula origin story, Dracula Untold.

Starring Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper and Charles Dance.

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thewomshow says:

castlevania 2 for ps3 almost follows this! i like your view of the movie. we had some differences. i will support these views going forward. check my show out!

justmenesto2 says:

Well done review. You should check out the old Dracula movies when you get the chance. My favorite might be the Gary Oldman one. If you have time, check out my review. Thanks.

Nina Luxè Peterson says:

Thank you for this review I enjoyed it and the way you described details about the actors and characters in the movie! The rest of the reviews sucked they said they hated it but never gave reasons why!

I do believe you have a new subbie

TheMarkofthor says:

Great review,finally. Every review I find is just idiots hating and shitting on it because it's the hipster thing to do.

Btw Charles Dance is not actually a vampire,he is the devil.

William Gough says:

ICYMI: My review of Luke Evans' Dracula Untold.

Daniel Wright says:

You need to watch Dracula (Gary Oldman) Im astounded you havent seen the whole thing…

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