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Thank you sooo much to everyone who took part in this book club month!
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Mayur Koitiya says:

I just started it !! I'm compelled <3

Cup of Tea says:

Shame I missed this. It's one of my favourite books and it would have been nice to read it again at this time of year. I actually like all the Whitby section because that's one of my favourite places and I've visited loads of times. Much prefer this book to Frankenstein I'm afraid 🙂

Laura Phillipa says:

Currently writing about Rebecca for my English a-level coursework so it's perfect timing 😂 I really enjoyed it as a novel and I can't wait to hear your thoughts xx

Jeja admirerofwordsandcoffee says:

I honestly thought that when you first mentioned your book club that first pick was going to be Frankenstein 🤗 so I can’t wait for you to choose it for the month!

P.s I haven’t read Frankenstein so I’ll wait for it… patiently waiting 🤗

Kayla Smith says:

I am reading Rebecca and I am enjoying it but I feel like it is taking me a long time to read it. Maybe the pace picks up some later. I hope so cause I want the kinda creepy atmosphere.

Opal Ewing says:

Awe, thanks for the shoutout ! Great video! It was nice to see so many people participating 🙂
I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like some of the men, but now I agree with you, we didn’t get enough character development, so there wasn’t much emotion attached to them.

Debbie Hines says:

I don't understand why some old books are told through letters. I like Dracula but your right there were parts that dragged. I've read other books in this style and it's not my favorite. There were parts that gave me the creeps and not much does that.

Rosie Vince says:

Great video, thanks for putting my review in, I will definitely try Frankenstein already have a copy 🙂

Lyrophelia says:

Hannah, have you seen the film adaptation "Bram Stoker's Dracula"by Francis Ford Coppola? It's the most "faithful" novel adaptation, but they included more to the story of Dracula, they reimaged Draculas motive, it's more indepth and emotional. You just have to ignore Keanu Reeves' manner of speaking ;-D Also, how they use images and music in the film is gorgeous, quite artistic.

Lyrophelia says:

Dracula is such a strange book, when it comes to reviews. Even though I really like the book, I can honestly agree with most of the negative points in the reviews, while at the same time liking the book for exactly the same points ;,-D if you know what I mean. I find it interesting that most people love the first part with Jonathan and Dracula, it's my favourite as well. And I absolutely agree that Frankentstein, even though they are completely different stories, is more indepth and emotional. I'm going to reread it in November, because I planned to reread both (Dracula and Frankentstein) this year.

Krissy N. says:

Fantastic video Hannah! Congratulations on 8k subscribers! I'm so happy to see you hit this milestone. I look forward to reading Rebecca!

Jack says:

that's my girlfriend(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

timv82 says:

I meant to do this read with you but life got in the way, great review!

Iqra Reads says:

Hi hannah, i'm reading Dracula for victober this month. I only just started first chapter, but i like it so far.

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