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I hope ye like da video!


derrick yasha says:

for me the bram stoker's dracula movie is really good but the book well its ok

Harasezza says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was disappointed by this book. I never really attempted to read vampire books prior to reading Dracula several years ago, so I found the bits describing his special traits to be interesting. However, whenever Van Helsing was talking, I tended to be annoyed because of the thick accent on his English. Haha

Anissa Ali says:

Sad you didn't like it because I loved it

Anissa Ali says:

I have the same copy of dracula!

Gisela Barone says:

I think you'd have to read the book before watching the movie, because they have much relation to each other, but there are many passages in the book spoken by the characters in the movie. Bram Stoker wrote a horror novel from sinful carnal desires, while in the movie tells a story of lost love, betrayal and revenge, all to regain his love.
The stories are different in their development but retain the deep essence of the novel.
Greetings and I'll wait the next video.

Clara Borges says:

I think the problem is that the original is so old! We've seen so many re-interpretations, I guess that would happen to me too :p

books&blush says:

I read Dracula when I was about 14/15 ( 10+ yrs ago) and I really liked it. I only saw the movie about 5 yrs ago and I didn't really like and thought it was kinda cheesy. I have wanted to re read it but that probably won't happen for a while.

ReadingMissFroggy says:

5 yes, 2 no and I have it lying around on my TBR pile so I might pick it up soon 🙂

AngelicaM2009 says:

I've never seen the Dracula movie. I might have to watch that soon!
I liked the read or not to read portion! For me I got a No.

cozy lesbian says:

I like the to read or not to read thing thag you did, could you please keep doing that? 🙂

MagicOfBooks says:

I really enjoyed Dracula. I liked the characters and the setting. Plus, this is one of the first books that started vampire myth. I'm actually going to be re-reading it again some time soon before the TV show starts this fall so I can compare the book with the show once it airs.

Mooni Reads says:

"I've been completely deceived by the movie about what this book is about" which is why I hated that movie.

starza96 says:

I really liked the questions!

Natascha Clerinx says:

I preffered Carmilla to Dracula

Gaia Steinbuch says:

The questions were really good, they're an interesting way of looking at books.

adrastea2 says:

I really enjoyed the seven questions you had at the end!

booksandpieces says:

Van Helsing has been so ridiculously over-hyped in comparison with the books but I really like that. The characters aren't wonderful and hot and dark and amazing. They're just normal people dealing with a weird new monster. I guess it depends if you're into Victorian books or not.

Creggie says:

I was a bit disappointed with Dracula when reading. There was so much filler for me and the pacing was so slow. I really despised the part where the two girls were sitting and talking on a bench overlooking the sea (if I remember correctly). But it picked up a little toward the end. Especially when Dracula infiltrated the house and such. but otherwise it was meh.

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