Dr. Wayne Dyer Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Audiobook

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Dr. Wayne Dyer Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life


Rae Ann Dumas says:

4:13:21 living in obscurity

Never Monday says:

I'm embracing this as much as I can. My 33 year old daughter died suddenly a month a go. Or croaked if you also follow Abraham Hiçks. I'm searching for any comfort and encouragement in these words. Ty sir.

No Name says:

What does it look like in real life. "I do nothing and leave nothing undone" verse.
Do we just sit around all day on government assistance (welfare)

metanoia 97 says:


Jo Dee says:

I find Wayne’s voice so calming. So glad I came across this. I’m going to listen to this to fall asleep to

Donna Jefferson says:

Dr. Wayne Dyer has changed my life in the most beautiful way! I am grateful to have discovered him. Whenever I feel disconnected from the universe, all I have to do is listen to Dr. Dyer’s beautiful voice.

Rae Ann Dumas says:

2:56:55 I’m so glad I have permission for this quality 🥰😍

Rae Ann Dumas says:

2:49:00 best poem here

Mandy Fulton says:

Thank you Wayne Dyer for sharing your wisdom, your love your service to humanity. You are one of the growing many beings who walk their talk, sharing your light and joy to all who have ears to hear, the eyes to see and the heart that feels. Deep listening of this amazing source of wisdom is life changing. Wisdom is the language of love and the great divine source of all that is, that resides in the great supreme being of the soul.

jeremy .ashton says:

Thank you much appreciated 🙏

Nikku says:

Thank you so much for uploading this amazing Audiobook. 🙏 🥰🥰🥰 ❤️

Kenny Vawter28 says:

These people change every single learning tool in America..
Kenny Vawter

polyurithine1 says:

awesome words i listen to daily. sometimes these words are all that get me by.

Roman Polanski says:

This book is changing my life, please listen to this audio over and over again daily.😊😊😊😊

PHAREN P. Surya says:

I just go through your audiobook. And it is really meaningful. May your soul rest in peace. Thanks alot for your shared.

BK BK says:

I want a young, handsome lover …..

Joyce Fedarko says:

Changed my life. It's a work in progress

Lucy Colon says:

"Having a mind open to everything, but attached to nothing " this saying has described a enlightenment moment in my life, no words can describe what took place in me…. Have to love it!🕊💞 thank you much love..

Piano Reeves says:

Great teachings, and I agree with most of it, except about the ego, as Moorjani would say, we have an ego for a reason, as we have awareness to balance it out. Long story short, Love thyself.

Gae Bren says:

I got up to the water bit and… I don't know. :- call me a skepchic.

Upendra Shashi says:

I need in Hindi plz

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