Don't Breathe (2016) movie review horror thriller

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My review for Fede Alvarez’s new film Don’t Breathe. Stephen Lang stars as a blind man who traps three would be robbers in his house.

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Wilks363 says:

Pumped to see this movie..!

Rex Banner says:

I saw this video before I watched the movie and as soon as I saw the part where the dude and the chick were trapped in the bedroom, and they discovered that both windows in that room were barred, followed by the guy getting thrown out of one of the windows, I remembered immediately what you said about it and I agree completely. It made no sense but the movie was really good. Great review!

Richard thompson says:

very good movie

Henry Peter says:

Very nice review. I'm wondering, why is your channel called cauwel3?

xpallodoc says:

I enjoyed it SPOILERS but it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't just put cash in a bank. Also I didn't like that stopping believing in God and having some strange rape baby was his motivation. I think it would have been better if he was trying to just have company and Treat them as his daughter. I also don't like that the beginning of the movie shows him dragging the girl down the street. Overall I did have fun but idk I didn't like it as much as you

Scotty Darko says:

Great review I will check it out but one thing I keep hearing from people is that the ending wasn't good.

ViewWorldCinema says:

I am psyched to see this! Going to see it when it comes out in cinemas in Argentina 8th September!

Humza Mohammad says:

please, put in more jokes making fun of the movie. Like your cell review which was pretty hilarious.

Wayne Dev says:

I hated the 'Original Evil Dead' but loved 'The remake!'x

PlantsVSjunior says:

cauwel how come you didnt review THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR???? you know im hard to please horror fan but i really liked this movie. it was very mature, good acting, awesome visual effects and my favorite: A NOT VERY HAPPY ENDING hahah

did u see it

PlantsVSjunior says:

this in my watchlist. gonna be GREAT

ps> good review cauwel

Mark Krawczyk says:

great review as always Joe. completely agree. I had some of the same questions while watching it that I mentioned in my review.

LDN R says:

One of my students brought some movies to the dig this year I had not seen, you might enjoy them!
The Children 2008- low budget British horror
Creep 2004- British/German horror, Damsel in Distress
Dead Birds 2004 -American, horror set during the Confederate War.
Inside 2007- French, home invasion horror
May 2002, American, psychological horror
Sheitan 2006 French, Horror Comedy

Ryan O'Toole says:

Hey, great review! I'm a new movie reviewer on YouTube and I recently did my own Don't Breathe review. Would you mind checking it out? I subscribed to you as well!

patrick digilio says:

the first 3/4 of the movie was unique and terrifying, but in m opinion the ending was kinda outrageous and rushed.. it would have been better if the case was the blind military vet who happens to still be ripped and trained, and gets broken into and thats the limit. i feel like the entire child connection sex rape chamber thing was wayyyyy was a bit too far..

Parasites says:

i was honestly disappointed by this movie
glad i saw it before the light spoiler action in this vid tho
rottweilers are the best dogs
dope vid cauwel

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