Donna Tartt interview (2014)

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A conversation with author Donna Tartt about her new novel, centered around a Carel Fabritius painting of the same name, “The Goldfinch.”

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Carl Creighton says:

I was enjoying The Goldfinch, but I wish there was more philosophy behind it than just fun. Also, I just watched you interview her in 1993 Charlie, you didn't just meet her in 2014 you creepy old man

Vadim Valter says:

Перевод кто-нибудь уже сделайте!

The Book Club says:

Yeah she's still hot 😻

Khalif Barkhadle says:

DONNA TARTT IS A GENIUS and BRILLIANT wise soul. I love her presentation… beautiful, elegance and a brilliant mind. She is a mazing and a great author. Kudos! ,Donna ,for trusting your subconscious mind.

M.J. Meece says:

It may take her around a decade to write a novel, but damn if it isn't worth it.

Kelli Harrah says:

She is a dark academia vampire and i am HERE for it.

ALSO – I finished this book a week ago. And I'm not over it. At all.

Jadyn says:

Hello fellow dark academics

paperbackacademie says:

Art takes time to be made. You cannot rush art. The fact that she takes so much time to write a book is because she creates sheer perfection with skill and the knowledge life offers along the way.

Stephanie Romer says:

She says Art is a still point. A bit of eternity. A respite.

Staggeringly precise poetry from a great mind. Loved this interview even though I have not read one of her books yet…❤️👁

Love work & good health all. 🙏🏻🌋🗽🌿

joseph boucher says:

One stupid human talking to another stupid human.

Star Voyager says:

Charlie needs 2 let her finish her thoughts/sentences! He's very demanding! Lighten up dude! ✌☮

Jim Schmim says:

She's so Cool

Daniel Stermole says:

A beautiful, intellectual female Marylin Manson …

William Moffett says:

I thought people had moved on from admiring these performative representations of oneself. Is it all olds in this comment section? She might be a great writer. I'll probably never know. But what's up with the fake accent and the outfit? I don't like it when people dress up how they think they are supposed to dress for some profession.

TheLiveMusicGroup says:

is she a vampire?

Jerry Beck says:

I fear that it's inescapable…that I'm going to say "enlargened" for the rest of my life. lol

L Iqbal says:

3:32 why is he talking over her tf

Michael Sinkler says:

CHARLIE!!!! ………… shut up.

Timothy Gouldson says:

Does she intentionally dress like Tom Wolfe?

Robert Becker Becker says:

He's really a great interviewer. He always responds with authentic interest and he picks up on the things we want explained and expressed as viewers/ fans. And more than anything he seems to know what he's talking about without interrupting.

Nadine Stapler says:

We lived in Maine in the 50’s, the bookmobile was your lifeline.

Tim Lynch says:

You gotta love the freaks.

DoranArtMedia says:

@ 10;46 there’s a shaft of joy cutting through in her answer, I like how much she says with her face.

Valerie Lvz says:

the dislikes are from the people who hate the interviewers interrupting an intellectual woman when she speaks.

Activist Psychology says:

Her nose job turned out so beautifully.

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