Death: Book Review- The Witches' Book of the Dead by Christian Day

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holytrinity says:

I am saying this out of love. The only thing that can protect you from demonic spirits is accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. have you read Revelations? The Bible makes it clear that sorcerers go to hell, cutting yourself is a sin, having gods before him and worshipping idols is sin. witchcraft is of the flesh. These spirits are demons who are under the authority of Satan. Hell is a bottomless pit with a fire that is never quenched, where there is perversion and torture. But the good news is you can have eternal life in Paradise where you can be with your children and you can receive the holy Spirit, and command it through prayers you ask in jesus's name. He has given us the authority to cast out demons. Do you accept Jesus as your lord for all the days of your life? Put your faith in him. Get rid of these books. No one is good but God and worthy of worship.

Zulakara Taàfu says:

its not wicca is it?

UncensoredTv says:

not being funny but it is such a breath of fresh air to see you a sister discussing such a topic like this I am very interested in buying this book. Thank you.

Kyle Pettaway says:

Whats your twitter or email

PancakeSally says:

Your family who has passed on before you, both recent and distant past, do care about you and your journey through this world. It's been well over a year since you posted the video, but I hope you are still actively honoring them. Too many people who mess with this stuff are doing the slumber party/break out the Ouija instead of being serious about what they are doing and that's why there is so much fear involved with it, as they have pissed off some folks and things they couldn't handle.

Esot-Eric says:

oh the americans who don't understand mainstream wicca is only a portion of what little you know. this is the root of witchcraft. grab another book with green leaves all over it if your so scared of your own ancestors knowlege

Esot-Eric says:

well then, what is… up your alley?

PerpetualWitch says:

Great review! It's not really up my alley but I really enjoyed learning about it. ♥

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