Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Book Review

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Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein is considered one of his best works. As an admitted fan of the Koontzter, will I agree?


Jeremy Harris says:

Tick tock is by far the best Koontz book I've read.

Cuebie Aye says:

Thumbnail looks like the future version of Tal fishman @talfishman

Eric Glueckert says:

Saints' fans make New Orleans scary? Haha.

stratchic says:

I have never read a book of his, but I found out that I have 3 of his books that I've acquired over the years. I thought that I would just get rid of them all, but your video makes me rethink it. I have The "Taking", "False Memory", and "What the Night Knows". I don't think I've ever heard of you talk about What the Night knows. Did you like it?

Outlier Book Review says:

I'm going back to reading Frankenstein again. Loved it, creepy a f! Great review man.

Seagulls Gather says:

Good review, only Koontz I've read is "Night Chills" which was ok. Nothing I've read by Kevin J. Anderson suggests he deserved to be paid.

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