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I read all my books on the Kindle app xo


Adriana Gonzalez says:

i literally love you 😂 i laugh my ass off watching your videos ❤️ and i love your recommendations!

ItssSue! says:

Plz do a paranormal romance book recommendation videos i love Penelope Douglas gonba check out the other books in this vid 🙂

Elements of Jaime says:

When you said "vagine flutters" it SENT ME and I knew we were kindred spirits

seriouslykass says:

You give meall the vibes! I am so glad I am not the only one who loves books like that !

Nina Kev says:

First time watching and all I gotta say is… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! ✨🖤💖

Streuselkuchen 2.0 says:

I literally ordered corrupt yesterday😂

Ruby San Diego says:

“Michael I know you are a book character but we needa hang out!” 😂😂 oh you are awesome

Tarissa Daughtry says:

I know u said u loved mafia and bad ass girls with a little bit of twisted kink you love this series !!
Book 1-Uppercut Princess by E.M. Moore
Book 2-Armcandy Worrier by E.M. Moore
Book 3-Beautiful Solider. by E.M. Moore

Ashly Sanz says:

New subscriber here 😭❤️

Rebecca Coup says:

A good BDSM love story is in flight…..which is a series…..and also The boss …..both series are so very good!!!!

Rebecca Coup says:

I sooo love theses videos…… You gotta try audible…. I listen do house work….I listen when driving, food shopping alllllll damn day long… loveeeee audible escape which is unlimited romance books…..

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