Dark Romance Book Recommendations for Beginners

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Books Make Me Brainy says:

I just found out JA Redmerski lives a couple hours away from me!! She told me we could meet and, she will sign my books!! 😍😍

Layla - says:

really nice video! I'm not into dark romance really, but I have been reading a book considered "dark romance" so I was curious about it.
Also I LOVE your makeup, it really suits your face and looks lovely <3

Crysta GG says:

Omg I loved killing Sarai. I cant wait to see the movie. I just finished reading Fifteen (war of roses) by lana sky. It's so intense. I loved the audible. I recommend it.

ojou sama says:

Please do a part 2. I really love your recommendations. I tried watching some other booktuber videos but most of the recs were not my taste at all they sounded a lot like basic wattpad books.

Paperback & Flick Chick says:

Thank you for giving a clear definition of dark romance I have been trying to decide if its for me and this video really helped 🙂

Catherine says:

William Levy? Say no more. I just requested Killing Sarai from the library

Boutaina Amghoz says:

I love This Man,and I am going to reread it for 1000th time. It is so romantic and has many secrets 💜

SoHardToBeMe says:

Killing sarai 😍

BookBabe88 says:

Girl after my own heart I love the saw movies I need to get these books u are my favorite YouTuber .

Robin Ausman says:

I watched 3 dark romance rec videos and all of them had Born, Darkly. So now I have the whole duet on my kindle

Amania Miller says:

Jafar even says that in the movie o.0

Gabby Gonzalez says:

The only dark romance I have like is desperate measures. I’m really excited for Katee Robert series.

Christina Del Alto says:

My dark recommendation is Unmasked by Shannon Youngblood trigger warnings for rape sexual assault s/m ITS FREAKIN GOOD

Reading with a bawse says:

Your background is everything!! 😍😍😍

patronusaurus reads says:

I think I've kind of seen Desperate Measures floating around but I didn't actually know what it was about. I'm buying it on my kindle as we speak lol

Mary says:

Omg! I just got two out of the three books! 😍 I’m so excited! Also, I love William Levy and I had no idea he was making this movie. I can’t wait to read the series to find what’s all about. Thanks for the great recommendations!!’

Library of Tomes says:

YAS! I'm just dipping my toe into dark romance, but I'm super drawn to it. All of the books I write are dark romances and have dark undertones 😍😍😍

PeaceLoveBooksxo says:

I finally got a copy of Desperate Measures when the ebook went on sale and I can’t wait to read it! And I loved Born Darkly! Such a good dark romance!

Thebookbella says:

This was a video I didn't know I needed and now that I have these titles I must consume these! 💖💖💖💖

Miranda says:

Ahh so many new great recs for me to dive into! Thank you for this video! 🙂

Sid Dubois says:

I personally haven’t read any dark romances, I don’t know if it’s personally for me. I do like smutty shit tho so I will try the Jasmine and Jafar one 😏

bibliosiren says:

i always thought Jasmine and Jafaar were related so even knowing they arent now, Desperate Measures wouldn’t be for me 😂😂😂

She Is An Open Book says:

One of my favorite romance genres hands down!!! 🖤🖤🖤 I am really interested in this villains series 😍 thanks for all the great recommendations as always!

Word Wonders says:

omg bless! i've been wanting to dive into dark romance lately but i'm sooo intimidated by it so thank you for this video!!!

Diana Garcia says:

I really love your makeup!!! I love watching your videos! I just finished a romance book but I’m in the mood for something datk but not completely horror lol Thanks for this video!

Pages and Pens says:

Have you read Born Sinner by SL Jennings? It may not be lite but it’s a dark paranormal romance and I was very here for the series.

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