Collection room update and Redman Dracula Blue review

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Hello , friends,romans,countrymen, lend me your ear ! I thought that I would film a little collection room update for you and also review the Redman Dracula Blue figure that is causing me no end of grief .Love it ! hate it ! No matter it’s an affordable version of a figure that now costs 2k .This one is only £120 .

A few people were upset with me for buying this figure saying it’s a rip off of a rainman (custom ) figure . But my simple reply is Rainamn himself ripped off this figure by not having permission to make it from the film studios ,using Gary Oldman’s likeness, the costuming,the film title .in a nutshell it’s called intellectual property rights . He didn’t have permission so they can’t exactly complain about a rip off of a rip off .


Todd's collectibles says:

You tell like it is, am with you. Last week I made a video on how to improve the two Dracula's. I wanted these figures so much, and Redman toys was the only way I could afford them.

KweenyTodd says:

I love the look of this figure! He reminds me enough of Dracula.

CSI Grissom says:

Fantastic Collection Sir!
As far as your led light strips, I use clear packaging tape to secure the lights from falling.

Dean Williams says:

I'll tell you why certain people are upset. Because some of the Rainman collectors are salty & have the shits because they forked out a ridiculous sum of money for their figures. Where Redman brought these out at a sensible price that collectors can afford & have cool looking piece for their collection. The bottom line is, it's your money and your decision on how much you are willing to pay. Nobody is holding a gun to your head & making you fork out 1 to $2000 + grand for an action figure! I'll buy what i like & i couldn't give a flying f*ck who made it or what anybody has to say about it! And if i can get it cheap? You better believe i'll score it. As long as i'm happy with it, is all that matters. If people wanna bitch & moan about who makes what and how much it pisses them off because it's a copy & how much others pay? Let them go. I know i wont lose any sleep over it. Great review & collection by the way!

onesixth_ figures says:

Recasted crap

Elisabeth Heinemann says:

Looks really great how you‘re displaying you figures now 👍🏼

darren brear says:

Awesome video 👍

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