COLES LITTLE TREEHOUSE Mystery Mini Books Collectibles | RARE book opened!!

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Today we open the brand new Coles Little Treehouse mystery mini collectible books!! 25 to open!! Will we find a rare or SUPER RARE golden book?

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Ellie Lewandoski says:

i have them all

Leila Seyede says:

I need number 5 desperately!

王言娜 says:

And can have the bunny book.

王言娜 says:

Do you want to have 24 little book.

Exploadingjack 1 says:

I need the DO AND DONOTS one and the tooth fairy


So good oz I’m proud of u oz can u plz subscribe me

Damon Viellaris says:

Congratulations oz for getting the rare one I am so happy of u

Mikaela Burrows says:

Hi sorry I haven’t been watching your videos I have been in hospital

Taji TheGamer says:

I need rare

Sophia C says:

I really need the barky the barking dog 🐶

Sophia C says:

I don’t have terry and the magic bean

Marianne Brand says:

My self and my brother have a collection each and we have lots and lots of spaces and to rates

nora zeiback says:

I live in Melbourne but I still like you and you're the best YouTuber

Sully Playz says:

I like your videos a lot and I have never won a give away ever so please let me win lady and Mickey Mouse because those are all I need

Sully Playz says:

I would like to win the five away and I have subscribed and liked your videos

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