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The day is finally here, Candlekeep Mysteries has finally been released, so it’s time to sit down and take a look through the book and see how it stacks up to the other products in the D&D lineup.







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00:00 Intro
00:37 Candlekeep
04:19 The Joy of Extradimensional Spaces
05:13 Mazfroth’s Mighty Digressions
05:43 Book of the Raven
06:13 A Deep and Creeping Darkness
06:55 Shemshime’s Bedtime Rhyme
07:27 The Price of Beauty
08:08 Book of Cylinders
08:38 Sarah of Yellowcrest Manor
09:05 Lore of Lurue
09:29 Kandlekeep Dekonstruktion
09:27 Zikran’s Zephyrean Tome
10:23 The Curious Tale of Wisteria Vale
10:38 The Book of Inner Alchemy
11:10 The Canopic Being
11:24 The Scrivener’s Tale
11:54 Alkazaar’s Appendix
12:24 Xanthoria
12: 43 Conclusion
14:37 Vault of Magic Ad
16:06 Giveaway

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MsGinahidesout says:

Thanks for this!

An 8 strength kobold says:

Personally I'll just have the spell keeping the locked book closed having been damaged by the attempts to open it causing it to slowly degrade.
The players then find it and the spell breaks.

An 8 strength kobold says:

I'm so f*cking glad one of my players made a joke character (an illiterate barbarian trying to learn to read) who can act as a wild card for quest hooks (since he can just pick up a cool looking book).

Another character is a fey locked and thanks to the huge amount of fey themed stuff I can tie to them.

Michael Jones says:

1:40 I am running this book right now with a group, I made them the "Candlekeep Mystery Squad" – a group of adventurers on retainer sent by the Avowed to deal with dangerous situations. It's pretty easy to use the NPCs presented (Bookwyrm, the various adjutants) to create a meta-narrative that ties them all together. You can also drop hooks for future adventures – for example, I made their initial quarters be the Firefly Cellar, and they found Shemshime's Bedtime Ryhme with the jackalweres.

Guglieglmo Scuotilancia says:

Definitely looking forward to Candlekeep Dekonstruktion… Had been waiting for a Candlekeep adventure for years!

Nora Kos says:

Anto, where will you announce the Candlekeep Mysteries winner?

Katie Horton says:

the adeventure that you said goes a bit dark seems really interesting to me I love sometimes pushing those boundaries in games as a DM of course with the groups permission .

Melvin Butters says:

Do you think next time you could actually run the adventures from the books before reviewing, so that we could have an actual insight, rather than rushing to be the first person to get the views? Like come on man, that's just like the people who review video games while only playing the first 20% to get in before others.

Dave Robinson says:

I would definitely go for Kandlekeep Dekonstruktion–you had me at the word "space." It sounds like a blast and exactly what my players would love to do.

KN13F says:

How could anyone pass up an adventure about sending a building to the gosh darn moon? I'd help them send it there lmao.

Erik says:

Great info – I'm trying to pick the first oneshot from the bunch so any comparison is appreciated 🙂

James Niebling says:

Can’t wait to run A deep and creeping darkness 😍

SuperKRON3 says:

I like these styles of books as they allow a DM to cherry-pick short adventures/quests that they can place anywhere they want and when they need it. I like the sound of all the adventures and I could always use more to add to my own campaign. I would only have to tweak them to suit my world and the location of the adventures. Good review of the book 🙂

Luke Jackson says:

Isn't the concept of the book that there isn't an over arcing story?

Ryan Jordan says:

I would want to run the Book of the Raven as a start to CoS as I’m currently gearing up to start CoS with a group soon.

L Ferguson says:

I'm doing a sort of side story campaign (My DM is doing the main story but that is mainly in Waterdeep so for the side stories I take them across the rest of Faerun) and Candlekeep is going to probably become a pseudo base of operations for them so I'm really excited about this book! I think the adventure I'm most interested in reading about right now is Kandlekeep Dekonstruktion because they haven't actually gotten to Candlekeep yet so that might help me with them getting an actual introduction to Candlekeep in the most ridiculous way possible and ridiculousness is my favorite!!! I'm also interested in the desert themed adventures because I should have a desert campaign start soon(ish) so looking at those may be fun additions.

Daniel Meisner says:

i wanna run the canonic being

Philip Barr says:

After a couple decades away from D&D; and now playing with my own kids to keep busy. The Canopic Being with the quest to save your own lives peaks my interest the most, and a great reflection of modern time.

Thomas Harding says:

Bring on the lord of lurue!!!!!

nelfanna says:

I feel like running the Curious tale of Wisteria Vale the most, would fit the setting of my campaign nicely, with loose magic and such!

Dirty Den says:

Honestly It's still early days but my first instinct is to research the Canopic Being because of the interesting art (Im a sucker for Egyptian themed content). Thanks for the review and the summery, trying to read an entire book blind to get an idea of what works what doesnt is NOT a fun proposal for a DM with limited time, so bless you for doing that! (here is your +d4)

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