Candlekeep Mysteries Review 📕 (D&D 5E Adventure Book)

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An overview of Candlekeep Mysteries and my take on this latest Dungeons & Dragons book.
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Eric Coldfire says:

Like a DnD version of the movie "The Pagemaster"? Unless I'm totally misunderstanding how the players go on adventures after finding these books.

Mudshrooze says:

While I havent loved every 5e book nor even all the ones I ended up getting. None of them have been disliked their is always something I can take from a campaign module. I really like this book based on the setting and this video has convinced me to put it on my to purchase next

Swabes 113 says:

Im about to DM for the first time (the Sunless Citadel, which I know is quite basic and easy) so i'm going to slot in the Joy of Extra dimensional Spaces to spice things up. Instead of rescuing the sage, they have to rescue the Kobold leader.

Christine270 says:

Do you think these would be better as one shot adventures ?

Jeff McCann says:

Hi Nat

What book would you recommend for random encounters? I was looking at “The Game Masters Book of Random Encounters”. Are you familiar with it?

I like to run published 5E adventures but like to drop in some outside material to spice things up or move things along.


Laura Faith Callahan says:

Ty! Was given these as a choice by our new DM. It was enough to decide without giving away too many details 😉

Vailynx says:

Woooa. Spoiler warnings much?

Christian Golden says:

Dude you are some of the best content, I don't know where youtube has been hiding you but I'm on the band wagon now.

MyBubbleInSpace says:

What would you think about using this as a kick off point into DM-ing?
I've been wanting to try my hand on running a game but I know that I have a tendency to get too ambitious and become overwhelmed. So I'd like a simple, yet interesting adventure to follow for my first time.

Edit: formating

Jared Van Eeden says:

Im making a map that is going to cover my cupboard doors in my room

Guineapig Sparky says:

Love it! I see a fantastic way to introduce a new player into an existing campaign. The newbie can be of low level to mesh with some of the higher level players as he or she might be a researcher (insert wizard or priest or monk here). I'd only need 20 minutes with my new player tossing around scenarios. Fast level to 2nd level then about this time decide how to attract an adventuring party into the quest. This should be something very usable for any game system. This beats "So you meet in a tavern…" or "here we are on the road…"

And to the commenters… yes an affiliate link is useful! I'll be buying it using the link. I want my reviewers to get a couple pennies when I buy stuff. Otherwise amazon gets it all…Yes, it's only a few pennies. Don't spaz.

Gerb says:

It'd be nice to know how long each of the adventures take to run roughly. Could they be single session adventures? How many encounters in each?

M_ D says:

I would be interested in doing some of these one I get my players out of the Dalelands. We have yet to start due to Covid, we also play 2e. I'm sure I could tweak things to work out.

Zachary Zukowski says:

Can you make an update video on where to start concerning the books now that there are more publications?

robert owens says:

My group has played through a couple of the adventures and they turned out to be some of the most fun we had

Elder King says:

Casual player with some friends and I just checked out this book on amazon and found the concept very interesting for us, however upon further reading of the reviews which were highly negative due to the books supposed wokeness (I haven't read through it), it's a no for me.

Alisha Mickelson says:

Always love to hear your opinion. I don't think I'll get this one, but I really want to get the Guide to Ravenloft when it comes out next month. I love Explorer's guide to Wildemount, not just because I love CR but because I love the info/lore and all the little adventure seeds. I like that type of book, so I think Ravenloft will be good for me

Manuele Mazzoni says:

Really useful review, thank you. I could not decide between this volume and the Elminster's Candlekeep Companion on DM Guild, but I think I'll go with than one, since it seems more what I am looking for.

Leo willett says:

There is a video-game called baldur's gate and some of the story happens in Candlekeep

Muhammad Talha says:

You are amazing sir love from Pakistan …

◈FantasyCZ - Stories & Reviews◈ says:

Nice video! i gave subscribe. You have super videos.

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