Canada Reads 2019 author Lindsay Wong on exploring mental health through memoir | Why I Write

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Lindsay Wong’s first book, the memoir The Woo-Woo, is a darkly comic story of her dysfunctional family who blame their woes on ghosts and demons. In the latest episode of the CBC Books’ Why I Write, the debut author talks about why she hopes her book will lead to more discussions about mental illness.

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CBC Books’ Why I Write series features Canadian authors speaking on what literature means to them. The video series asks authors what motivated them to write their latest work, what themes readers should take away from the work and what excites them about the current national literature scene in general.

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Ayesha Karim says:

Memoir writing is very cool I did a 18 page memoir as part of a Creative Writing degree program at NJ City University in Jersey City, NJ.

Crissy Sinopole says:

Thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring for a new writer like myself!! NEW SUB 🙋🏻‍♀️ it’s exciting for me to be a part of the #NewCanada

Jeff Censored! says:


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