BYE BYE BOOKS | My Final Unhaul!

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Wow! This has been a journey! I totally konmari’d my bookshelves before moving house and this was the outcome! Ill be donating these books to two local libraries. Follow me on IG to watch me do that!!

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Karissa Shepherd says:

Redeeming love is one of my favorite books. Just wondering if you ever got around to reading it : )

PriscillaReads says:

The dress!!

NekosBooks says:

Recently I've had to spend a LOT of time in the hospital with family and found out that they have a bookshelf in the lobby for people that have to stay for long periods so I'm donating my books to them.

Zetty Marie Diola says:

+abooktopia You look like Clary in here

laurafoster327 says:

Did you read all of those, or were some of them unread?
I don't think I could part with that many books all at once, but over the past year I've donated 50+ books from my personal library, and I have so many books to get through, I'm sure I'll donate 50+ more this year.


Hi! I recommend the book "Crónicas del Rif. Fuego sobre Igueriben" written by Reuben J. Cogburn. Greetings

Danielle says:

Did anyone else find it super satisfying to watch each book in the background gradually disappear with each shot?

Chicken Wings says:


Mia Muckey says:

After you move we would love a book shelf organization and tour video please

Lolli Polli01 says:

I never realized how many books you actual had on your shelves. I still remember your selves you had in your old room at your other place. It seems like your collected increased tenfold since then.😮😮

anaya hamil says:

Are we going to get a bookshelf tour for 2019?

Ashley Whitmore says:

I just unhauled your book. It sucked

Mayar Q says:

is it just me or she looks like taylor Nicole dean !!!

Joyce Monica says:

You should donate some of them to homeless shelters too 😊 x

Felix Villalobos Rodríguez says:

Hi beautiful, would you marry me? I promise to read every day and make lo….ts of things, good day.

juliem_1986 says:

I think it’s so cool you did this and are giving them away too!

tay ruto says:

Give to me pls

Evy Morgan says:

About to do this! I've been wanting to and I'm finally going to 🙂

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