Building your own Straw Bale House – an interview with the Author

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John McCarthy says:

Absolutely brilliant. I’m planning a straw build, not on this scale😊
Thanks you for all the info will definitely get your book.

Jolly Williams says:

Y you do not clear top soil before laying foundation

Ahlumba's Urban Life Off Grid says:

This is awesome! I believe I will order the book today but I could not help but wonder if it's still relevant…

Ramzi Rondes says:

from what i understand from this fella is that you need knowledge of details before you step in to do the
work DIY

Zoes Dada says:

Where do you get the straw and how much was it?

John Ibbetson says:

more like a strawbale filler

electrabot says:

But what about fires? And also won’t it decompose after a while? Just wondering…?

Betsy China says:

Now that you're 5 1/2 years out from publishing your terrific book, would you have done anything differently? Or did you get it all right the first time? Have there been any changes or advances in straw bale home construction that you wish had existed/you had known about/had yet to be developed when you built? Thanks

Tristain Beckel says:

How do keep the straw bales from molding? Thanks.

Jagdish Kumar Gupta says:

I love it thank you for uplodong

Joe Little says:

is that house expensive to build? I think most who build such homes don't have much if a budget. I believe you have a ton of valuable information. A lot of of what I see here is purchased at a lumber/hardware store, instead of being reclaimed or harvested from the property. This is probably the main difference.

Tami Kanning says:

Hey! It's tami who you gave a tour back in 2012! I just clicked on a strawbale video and I thought hey I have been there 🙂 thank you for your time and effort this is such a great resource! I'm sure this will sell like hot cakes we are all dying for more strawbale info and building alone tips!

Hei hé says:

Thank you, interested in raising frame by myself nice community on youtube very passion filled 🙂

Alex Zabala says:

I own a time share in Sedona (Hyatt). We will be there in February. Do you welcome visitors to look at the house? If not that's ok, I understand the need for privacy…but maybe by looking at the finished product, we can make a better decision as to use adobe or straw bale… I have questions before investing in a book.

It is obvious that straw bales do not hold up the house…the framing does.

Our 5 acre lot is near Grants NM. My main concern is effects of water damage and cost. I have looked into compressed earth blocks. Building with adobe with a double wall with insulation in between seems to me…to answer the need to thermally insulate against below zero temps.

Alex Zabala says:

nice video and promo for his book!!! I hope you have success. I wonder how many square feet and how much that home cost you. I'm leaning towards building with adobe in New Mexico.

Jessica De La Cruz Bravo says:

This is by far the best and most reassuring video I’ve seen in regards to straw bale home construction. I’m new to this as well, but have been really struggling on where to get started. Everything you mentioned has been a concern of mine as well, particularly because I would prefer to build it myself but the basic how-tos out there, I find is lacking, especially for someone like me who has zero experience in this field. I've watched different videos, tutorials, and read books on it, but I haven’t felt confident that any of that information really comes together or makes sense as a whole. I’m hopeful this is what I’ve been looking for.
Thank you!

Bonnie Kimble says:

Great info about your home! We're considering radiant heated flooring in our upcoming build in Sedona. Do you have contact info for the guys who did your radiant heating? I'd be curious to get their opinions and an estimate on doing this.

mother goose says:

I like to see all the pictures of a progect so big and important as a house. It is so important to try to be eco-friendly. Besides it is also economical. Who can argue with ecological/economical. Smaller footprint is so good.

Mike Bird says:

how much did this cost?

Sandor Kacso says:

Is it fireireproof?

pakika tetiso says:

The main problem is how able to defend from any parasite ???

KoolChick20 says:

Hi there, does it cost a lot to buy that much straw bail

Clarice Taylor says:

Hi John. Wonderful project. You might laugh, but some of the photos really moved me! I'm dealing with a debilitating illness but planning a modest build in about a year (getting finances together). Do you have any thoughts on using straw bales as internal walls in a shipping container build? I'm thinking of the cost, high insulation factor plus the inherent beauty as key factors. Thanks!

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