Bookshelves Tour | January 2016

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Shivam Sharma says:

You look a lot like lagartha :the famous shield maiden .

Anazel Gamilla says:

Ahhh..atonement..still cannot forget it.that pride and prejudice cover…i love all your classics..

Seph2750 says:

Where did u get those Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Pride & Prejudice cover editions. They look amazing.

Abiko Fahrizalow says:

You're so pretty in this video and looked smart.

omgisthatvik says:

Hey Mariana! New subscriber here, love the channel! 
Can we expect an update to the bookshelves tour in 2020?

phillip the third says:

I usually put my books on the ground and stomp on it! I also like recess

Elias Feleke says:

No H.G. Wells?

zact lee says:

God i need that death note novel.

zact lee says:

Have you read 'cemetery of forgotten books'?

zact lee says:

Is bock russian for book?

backdoor lover says:

13:18 starts mariana's comic book collection 🙂 the rest is a bunch of dumb books 😉 love ya mariana!

Kerstin Dahlqvist says:

The tweve chairs is filmed as a comedy directed by Mel Brooks. Did you see it?

Kerstin Dahlqvist says:

Do you read mysteries?

tony j says:

the girl with the Dragon Tattoo the snowman are good books

Media Sawdust says:

I enjoyed that Marianna. Well done. I'm in the process of buying all the Eerie Archives from Dark Horse and building the furniture to house them.

Susan O'Fearna says:

you're very concise though we only have about 20 books (more like 40 if we include gns) in common — I keep German and Spanish editions to your Russian ones (and I have one lonely book in French I've been trying to read for years; I never took French)

Sandy says:

It makes me so happy that you have some José Saramago novels ❤️ never read them in english, but im sure they're equally as great

Tushar Musale says:

Love Your Bookshelf
& Your Voice !!!!
You're Married!!!!
You speak Russian!!
Wow! You're Amazing

Loved Your ASOIF Review

Miakat03 says:

yayy i was your 1000th like

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