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it’s finally here! if you’d like to skip right to the books go here 6:28 🙂

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November Book: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
December Book: These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong
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Learn reading Quran with Hafiz Muhammad Fakhir says:

Where did you get the twinkling lights from?

Priya Shukla says:

finally, a book tuber who doesn't just read YA and call it a video, also your voice reminds me of another YouTuber called Ruby Granger

angels says:

Where did you buy the ivy thing?

savfromsopn says:

If you loved Howl's Moving Castle (which I actually have never thought of as middle grade since I imagine the characters are being around 20+), you should check out Half a Soul and Ten Thousand Stitches by Olivia Atwater. They have such a similar tone with such wonderful main characters. I flew through both of them and they were just such perfect books to make me happy in a not-so-fun year.

Frieda says:

this is the video of my dreams

iiChEsHiReCaT!! says:

I cannot tell you the decibel at which I squealed when I saw that you also have a Phantom of the Opera shelf. Genuinely, the most excited I've been for a bookshelf tour in YEARS!

Yuki says:

I'm happy you liked solaris I red it in 2days which is super fast for my it was my first sci-fi I absolutely loved it and I'm planning on reading the rest of Lem's books!🥰

Iris says:

This is so calming :))

Tessavesperteen Fleming says:

Talk about cozy, book nook goalsss

hermionecode says:

OMG her sweater (is it a sweater? irdk🤣) it gives me slytherin vibez omg!

Ana Bezerra says:

I am Brazilian and saw Machado and Clarisse makes me smile thanks

The Image Ink says:

What are your "dark academia" books? Sounds like an awesome genre. I want! lol

Maram says:

I waited until like 30:00 to hear u talk about Harry Potter and i was disappointed u didn’t read it but actually surprised me and ALSO iam so AMAZED THAT YOU HAVE READ THAT QUR’AN book , sooo good to know that ppl wanna educate themselves about other religions 💙💙🥺

Comparando_Livros - Lilica says:

I think you will love Machado de Assis from Brazil <3
The Alienist put yourselves to question what is to be crasy. This is so good!
I recomend Memórias Póstumas de Bras Cubas – The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas

Ligia Auter says:

Machado de Assis é um dos grandes escritores na história da literatura! Amei o vídeo!!

Samrat Tathe says:

You are so pretty and soft spoken🤭❤️ subscribed ☑️

ven0mess says:

Also, if you love Russian literature, you NEED to read Chekov. Emotional acting as we know it developed in Russia, by Stanislavski – and Chekov wad his playwright partner, so the characters are SO rich and the stories are beautiful.

ven0mess says:

WOW I've never met anyone else who's even heard of Phantom by Susan Kay. Phantom has been a love of mine since I was kid and I have so many random Phantom books – including the tawdry published fanfiction lmao. Great video, your aesthetic sends me.

Learn reading Quran with Hafiz Muhammad Fakhir says:

I have watched this video 5 times because its just so much soothing and just like humming a lullaby😍😍😍😍
Your bookshelves are bosker and applauding. I just cherish the cover of Anna Karenina so much. I wish I could have it.

Amanda Spencer says:

Get your teeth into War and Peace, it isn't as long as you think because the story is spell binding, you cannot put it down.

Felix Freckles says:

Do you have a bookstagram? I'm currently looking for people that can review my newly released ebook on Instagram.

Mary Lorraine Vivien Abrahan says:

seeing Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) literally made me sooo happy because it’s probably one of my fave books ever in philippine literature and i’m so happy a foreigner is reading it because people in the philippines, or at least the ones i’ve encountered that have read Noli Me Tangere, don’t appreciate it as much because usually it’s a required reading for school so people end up just reading it for school and aren’t able to appreciate it fully! but i’m glad you’re gonna read the book!!!!! i hope you enjoy ❤️

MJ M says:

I studied, The Prophet by Gibran, in school. You'll enjoy it.
I think it's interesting that your last shelf is my first shelf. All the play's, Norton literatures, and Greek tragedies.

Jilli Bean says:

How were you not a Rick Riordan stan as a kid if you love middle grade and Ancient Greece?

Jilli Bean says:

DARK HILLS DIVIDE IS AN UNDERRATED MASTERPIECE I love love love that book and honestly that entire series

anne onymous says:

your voice is so soothing and relaxing. it makes me feel so safe.

Siiannie Lau says:

Saw phantom of the opera and I subscribed

Cass says:

Where did you get your round reading chair?? I adore it!

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