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I’ve been wanting to do a bookshelf tour for so long and finally had the time to film and edit it, so I hope you enjoy!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K SUBSCRIBERS!! To show my appreciation, I’m doing a giveaway on my twitter and will be sending a few people books off of their amazon wish lists. Head over to my twitter to enter, the giveaway details are in my pinned tweet! My twitter is linked down below in the social media section. (Giveaway ends June 1, 2020. Youtube is not affiliated in any way with my giveaway.)

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Have you read any of the books I own? Let me know which ones in the comments!

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Boots&BookDreams says:

Riley Sager is indeed a male author. Nice book collection!

TornadoCreator says:

Only half way in and you've said you "absolutely love" everything. Can you not think of something else to say about these books? Someone who claims to love everything, actually loves nothing. If everything is special, nothing is special. Why not explain what you like about the books, why they're special, why and when you got them, how you felt reading them rather than being like every other booktuber and saying "I absolutely love [Insert author], this series is awesome, just look at this gorgeous cover. Moving on". It's just so basic.

Wildcard says:

If you haven’t read all the Camp Half Blood Chronicles Books your missing out

Elliot J says:

Where dis you get the shadowhunter flag on the first shadowhunter shelf? Love your bookshelf’s but the way!!

Erin Rebekah says:

Five feet apart and Final Girls are really good. I also liked Fan Girl Just that one is slow starting.

Reading with a Bawse says:

The james mug i need 😍

Reading with a Bawse says:

The sarah J mass is my favorite section 🙌

Rachael says:

Does anyone actually know where you can find Carry On in the fantasy hardcover? …..Update: you can get it from the UK on Book Depository

Si Emily says:

I really recommend Tyler Johnson Was Here and We Were Liars that are on your treat mug shelf!

antari reads says:

i love your bookshelves so much, you have a lot of cute trinkets 🥺

Kasandra says:

Your bookshelf is everything ! ♡ love this – wanna be booktube friends ?

BookishTherese says:

Your shelves are honestly so aesthetically pleasing and I'm so jelly??
Also 300 books??????? DANG GIRL

Emily Mae says:

You HAVE to read daughter of the pirate king

Books With Carah says:

WHereeeee did you get that Kaz funko pop? omg

Aznfunk Comics says:

Awesome book collection tour! I think I only own like 10 books and they're all biographies so not all that exciting haha. Just subscribed to your growing channel. Thanks for sharing!

Derin Yilmaz says:

Where did you get the dust cover for cruel prince?

Tarrell Bellinger says:

Such beautiful shelves! Hope you are staying safe during these tough times! I have a very controversial non-bookish question for you, and I hope this would be hard for you to answer. What are your thoughts on the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd as well as racial tensions going on in the midst of the pandemic?

Skye_bookish says:

I love your bookshelves! Where did you get your shadowhunter prints from?💗

brinley elkins says:

we were liars is absolutely phenomenal, i love it so much!

BooksWithEleni says:

Omg the decorations on your shelves are so cute! 😍

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