Bookshelf Tour 2020 // Classics, Non-fiction & Essays

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she has arrived

Hi guuuuuuys, the annual bookshelf tour has returned. As ever I chat you through the different editions I have an how I organise my bookshelf

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0:00 Intro
2:23 Organisation
3:30 Oxford World’s Classics
8:16 Penguin Modern Classics
10:13 Penguin Great Ideas
14:28 Vintage Classics
23:12 Penguin Classics
27:17 The Miscellaneous Shelf
37:40 The DVD’s & The Extra Miscellaneous Shelf
38:50 The Bedroom Shelf
39:43 The Bedside Table Pile
42:07 The Outro





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zoepoeloe says:

What bookshelves do you use

Erika Baker says:

Thanks a lot! You just added tones of books onto my already huge list of books to buy and read! Book tour videos are going to bankrupt me lol

Byron Lovelace says:

The perfect woman

Alina Mostov says:

I think Richard Yates is the most underrated writer. Revolutionary Road, Young Hearts Crying and Easter Parade are fantastic novels.

Olívia Virgolino says:

i love how your books are in collections

Amy Sweet says:

The Island of Dr. Moreau is one of my fave books! Give it a go one day! Loved the video – thank you 🙂

M sy says:

I am not a native speaker however, I can understand a lot of English. I must say, I tried really had to understand what you are saying. You speak way too fast and you don't articulate very well. Just saying.. I am absolutely not hating on you!!!!! I just wanted to know if it was just me?

zahara n says:

please do a video compiling all the books you love from this video!!

josie says:

lol i’ve been binging your book videos lately & they’re making me so excited to maybe go into comp lit (i’m on a gap year). so thank u :>

Iggy Marr says:

You are like the modern version of Catherine Zeta-Jones' character in High Fidelity. SUBSCRIBED!

martyna weronika says:

Nice collection! It was just hard to watch when you were showing your lovely books with notes on them.

krosero says:

Planning to read The Female Quixote myself. You really gave your copy some love there!

Ryan G says:

I'm reading The American right now. love it.

Victoria Vasquez says:

Where did you get your bookshelf?

spine spindle says:

If only more chicks this hot read, the world would be a much better place to live in.

JuanC NunezM says:

Hello Emma, th for the video, do you know someone who collect Math books?, Id like to contact that person. Greetings.

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