Books that Sushant Singh Rajput wanted us to read || Sushant Singh Rajput's Book Recommendations

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Sushant Singh Rajput (21 January 1986 – 14 June 2020) was an Indian television and Bollywood actor, dancer, television personality, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Rajput made his film debut in the critically acclaimed drama Kai Po Che! (2013). He has touched millions of hearts with his enigmatic smile and his beautiful thoughts. I wanted to make this video to join Sushant in his quest of making people read interesting works of literature.
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Sushant’s Recommendations:
Emotional Machine:
Brain Rules:
Collected Works Of Kahlil Gibran:
12 Rules for Life:
The Beginning Of Infinity:
Heraclitean Fire:
Sushant’s Twitter Book Club:
Jordan B Peterson:

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Bollywood Hungama Channel:

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0:00 Sushant’s love for books
1:12 Sushant’s library
1:54 Sushant’s interview
2:45 The Emotion Machine
3:42 Kahlil Gibran
4:25 12 Rules for Life
4:33 The Brain Rules
5:02 The Beginning Of Infinity
5:57 Heraclitean Fire

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Read Travel Become says:

Hey you beautiful people🥰, I am truly humbled by the kind words and appreciations. You people are extremely kind❤️ While making this video, I never ever imagined that people would connect so much with the feeling behind this video. I felt a bit more close to our beloved Sushant after I made this, and the fact that you got a lil sense of that feeling makes me overwhelmed . I can’t thank you guys enough for every like, comment and subscription. If you like my content, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, would mean the world to me❤️ I would be coming up with more such content ✌🏼 Much Love🥰❤️
PS: I made the video right around the time when we heard of this sad news, judging by the recent events, I do feel there was a conspiracy and the culprits should be prosecuted. Please don’t point out the fact that I said it was a suicide in the video. We need positivity in life, now more than ever. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

Prativa Mallick says:

Thanks for this video

Renuka Manoj says:

Great job dear👍👍👍

Nidhi Sharma says:

Pls don't contradict by saying it was suicide…he was intellectual,humble,a healer,a giver, spiritual….

Trollika Devi says:

No disrespect to Sushant or the uploader but Jordan Peterson mostly peddles bullshit. His target audience is incel white male millenials who are secretly racist and sexist . Peterson offers them dog whistles through his rants about liberalism or women. One hell of a dishonest intellectual who is overrated as f.

Aditya Mishra says:

He was such a brilliant thinker, and actually one of the best actors ever to have worked in the indian cinema. Turns out he didnt commit suicide, he was brutally and mercilessly murdered! Thank you for making this video! love your channel, keep it up and stay safe man! Wishes from Chhattisgarh!


Yes Bhai I really miss you susant 😭😭😭

Kashmira Daruwalla says:


Sunil Shende says:

Avdhoot,its really unique content your video brings about. Well researched. Wonderful,engaging style.👍👍👍👌👍👌

nationalist patriotic says:

Bro we lost a gem.

Saumya Bajpai says:

Thank you for this!

Cool Bro! says:

Not knowing the value of eye until you lose it is exactly the feeling we all are experiencing. Lets work hard read lots of book and make this society a better place than it is. SSR may not be here but he is immortal in our hearts ❤. Together we can contribute to his legacy.

Keerthi Divakaran says:

Thank you so much for making this video👍👍👍. Have noted all the books. As a researcher myself, I look forward to read the scientific books SSR suggested. Assimilating that he is no more is really an eternal pain.

Bhargavi Joshi says:

Thank you so much.. Was really looking for smthing which could resource his intellect in any possible minimal way.. It will have greeeaatt impact on my perceptions. Thankful to you, soo thankful to his existence that knew shining then.. That know shining now.. And ever..

Arya's Diaries says:

SSR was murdered 😥 Justice for SSR 🙏

akash sharma says:

My last bollywood movie is dil bechara sushant sir nhi it means bollywood nhi

Mimi kar says:

Great effort from your side…for an exceptional soul..I wish he gets best life in next birth

Pappu B says:

Thank you bro. A deep gratitude for making this video thanks 🙏

Sanjog Adhikari says:

great video…. really appericiate your work buddy

Chimi Khan says:

very nice thankyou for letting us know about the .there is no body educated like him in this industry not even one

A K says:

thanks for this video; was looking for this content and know and eventually read books and how he used to correlate things.. appreciate it!

lastbriteSon says:

I like your shelf.
pick out your recommendations too😊

I'm sure SSR would want us to share knowledge of books, your channel is perfect for this.
great work!

Aditya Maslekar says:

Iska part 2 plzzzzz

Priyanka Patankar says:

You made a very Beautiful vedio .. Subscribed 😇😇 Even We are broken

Asha Rani says:

please let us know if you know more of his recommendations. thanks

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