Book vs. Movie: Anne of Green Gables in Film & TV (1934, 1985, 2016, 2017)

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Lucy Maud Montgomery captivated imaginations with her kindhearted, optimistic, and passionate heroine in Anne of Green Gables. A dreamer with a flair for the dramatic, Anne has been brought to life on TV, on the silver screen, and on stage in plays and musicals. In this video, we look at how the following four screen adaptations of Anne of Green Gables compare to the novel:

Anne of Green Gables (1934 film)
Starring Dawn O’Day, Helen Westley, O. P. Heggie

Anne of Green Gables (1985 film)
Starring Megan Follows, Richard Farnsworth, Colleen Dewhurst

L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables / Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars / Anne of Green Gables: Fire & Dew (2016-2017)
Starring Ella Ballentine, Martin Sheen, Sara Botsford

Anne with an E (2017-)
Starring Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, R. H. Thomson


Kim S. says:

I think the Netflix Anne is an absolute insult to the AofGG community. I have been to PEI, toured Green Gables, and drunk raspberry cordial. I know my Anne! Netflix needs to just leave Anne alone.
Megan Follows is the only Anne!

This Single Mom says:

1985 will always be my fave

AS 15 says:

1985 is the best and my favorite!!! But I do like the 2017 version and I'm looking forward to season 3!

caston kilo says:

at 6:22 the kid where Ann was dancing with is from odd sqade

Olivia Mitchell says:

Okay, I think we can all agree that Megan Follows was the best Anne and the whole cast from the 1985 series was the best.

bncsmom1 says:

The 1985 version is absolutely the best.

leii1306 says:

My favorite is 2017 version. It seems to be more realistic (come on, how terrible it would be for an orphan if foster parents wanted to send her away because she is a girl?) and in my opinion more mature. 1985 adaptation for me is like for children. I saw it when I was young and I liked it very much and I still think every child will like it. But for adults 2017 is much better. It addresses interesting problems (which I'm sure were present then like they are present now) and it shows reality the way it is – mix of good and bad things.

Trish Yager says:

This commentary is so well done! Thank you!! I like how the 1985 version is closer to the book. We read the series out loud as a family and enjoyed it so much. As usually is the case, the books are best.

傳說之王 says:

Just saying, your forgot the animation version

Priscilia Mavros says:

For me, the best is the 1985 with megan follows and Jonathan crombie🤩I love it💜

N C says:

That first movie had a very grown up Anne. Not my style

Larena Abdon says:

3:18 did anyone else notice she said Meegan Follows instead of Megan Follows?

Larena Abdon says:

3:06 were slates really that fragile that it would just break like that. I thought it would've just broke and stayed on his neck. Not just break like that. I can't really describe it

hyxphxen says:

All these comments bashing the 2017 version but shouldn’t all the Anne of green gables fans support every adaption? Or am I mistaken? It’s all the same characters after all and I don’t think we should go against eachother just because we prefer one of the adaptations over the other .

Surface Pattern design and Illustration says:

I was so disappointed about 2017 version! I love the actors, really love Anne, but the plot goes so far away from the original books! Such a waste of talented actors and beautiful set!

Christina Ayed says:

The 1985 one is my favorite.

TheEntilza says:

I hate reboots. They take something lovely and turn it into an ugly intersectional distorted … thing.

marcia paul says:

1985 version. perfectly cast, so sad "Gilbert" is gone from us.

Dela k says:

The jap animation series is the best

123456 7890 says:

Is it worth pointing out that Anne of Green Gabled isn’t set in the Edwardian era? She has 6 kids before 1900!

blodina breen says:

1985 is the only one I’ll recognize 😶

For Liberty says:

Anne with an E is absolutely horrid in the dark themes it pushes (molestation, menstration, feminism and the LBGT agenda). Definitely not a show you want your young daughter watching. I'll stick to the 1985 version which is by far the best.

Adriana Zea-Smith says:

My favourite is the 1985 version as it's more faithful to the novel. The 2017 version is a traversty!

Katelyn's Island says:

Why all these remakes. I like 1985

Emily says:

1985 is not only the best, but the only one that should be watched. The Netflix adaptation is pure garbage contaminated with SJW and Feminist propaganda that have nothing to do with the original story. It's so bad it's embarrassing to watch

Melonie Zappa says:

The problem with the new series is that I don't need Anne to address social (or not so current) social issues. Current and new tv show stories can address that if they want. I just want the story of the books—why do they always have to change the story. 🙄

Kiera says:

The 1985 version will always be my favorite, but i did like “Anne with an E”

Emily Malden says:

I have never seen the Netflix versions. Are they still in production? I also liked the 3 films starring Martin Sheen as Matthew. They were pretty decent.

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