Book Reviews – The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure

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Book Reviews of The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure by James Dashner.
The Maze Runner – 10/10
The Scorch Trials – 10/10
The Death Cure – 9/10
Amazing series!


Janelle DuPont says:

i luv the death cure but i don't know why

Lauren Birks says:

I agree with you on the Teresa and Brenda stuff!!! I don't have anything against Brenda I just prefer Teresa so much more

Anthony W says:

i thought there was another book like the kill order

maya says:

aww fetus tiernan 🙂

rebirthatthefountain says:

the maze runner 9/10
the scorch trials 8/10
the death cure 0/10
Thomas is such an idiot, what a terrible ending, they saved the human race with 200 people? ha! are you kidding meee@!#$ there isn't enough genetic variation in that population to survive the mildest of illness, not even the flu, so FU James Dashner, go to hell

justin says:

Duck I hated those rubber bands on the braces. Shit I hated braces, and my ortho was an asshole. Not just my opinion, but his higenists'. Braces hurt like hell though. Couldn't eat anything after a visit.

kiddooshbags says:

Was Hanson a damn crank

kiddooshbags says:

I never ecspected Teresa to die at the end of the 3rd book

shannon gillis says:

I cryed so much when newt died, he was my fav character the whole series!

Mark Sto. Domingo says:

I actually started hating Teresa since the betrayal part even though it was all an act and I prefer Brenda because she's been straight forward with Thomas with what she felt towards him. I'm glad it wasn't Brenda who died

calea washing says:

I hate the romance in the books

luxneji says:

Brenda>Teresa lol, Teresa is boring

Kaitlyn Allbritton says:

@TheBookTuber I think (and I know I'm like 2 years late) that it's called "The Maze Runner Trilogy" cause it's like this whole time he is still trying to "Run" away from the "Maze" in All three books. Even in The Death Cure when they go back to the Maze to save the other Munnies he is scared to go back. That's just me. Tell me what you think about my concept. And I love you and your Channel. When you make videos I'll be here with everyone else who loves you to watch them

nowisdasick says:

Teresa was a babe :'( 

JulianGreystoke says:

"Macaroni and cheeeeeeese!"

jesterfun123 says:

a trilogy of THREE books you say? haha

Madison says:

If I could save one character and kill one character I would save Newt and kill Brenda

Uhsots says:

Exactly why didn't Brenda die lol

jaylahlove50 says:

Haha your voice had to get some getting used to. Because I was laughing in the beginning because of how emotionless you were haha

PsychoticMudkip says:

When newt died I have no clue how to explain the pain this book can bring

LostThought says:

outweights Brenda's secrets really. Although she worked for Wicked, right after he saw her with the scrubs, she let him know right away she was on his side, and Janson's reaction allowed Thomas to know that Brenda was in fact on his side. She was with Thomas when Teresa didn't and even though it isn't entirely no one's faults, feelings change. I just see that Thomas can do a better of a recovery after the traumatic experience with Brenda than with Teresa. and finally, i apologize for long post.

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