Book Review: The Martian Chronicles

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In which I review ‘The Martian Chronicles’ by Ray Bradbury, and argue that Science-Fiction isn’t always Science-Fiction.

Minor Spoiler Alert.


J Lozzano says:

Good review! When i finished reading "the off season" chapter, it came to my mind the origin of AMY WONG from FUTURAMA, that´s because their parents own the half of Mars, so i think it may be related with the book. Does anyone knows something about it?

samashakti says:

It is quite poetic

Frank Chavez says:

In 1951, the year 2000 was nearly 50 year away, no need for you cynical guffaw. In later editions the dates are moved forward about 30 years.

ManTheBush says:

I read this book 2 time in grade 5, I loved it, it just came up in a conversation I think I will find it and read it again.

TheCaptainLive says:

Took me 5 hours last day before school and I had to read it 😉

The Missing N says:

@Murple333 Fair point. I hadn't actually seen the book in this way! Thanks for pointing it out!

Murple the Murple says:

Sure, there's a cynical side about human greed to it… but it's equally loaded with a hopeful message about a better way of life, more in harmony with the universe, that the Martian culture represents. And in the end, it seems that this is portrayed as humanity's possible future way of life.

The Missing N says:

@fairlyimaginitive That's good, because I prefer blue to red. You may have noticed a pattern in what I wear, though…

The Missing N says:

@UnionKid15 Glad you liked it 🙂

The Missing N says:

@zapperz2 Yeah, it's a quick read, enjoyable even for those who don't like Science-Fiction. It took me a little longer because I was reading one story per night.

UnionKid15 says:

cool stuff thanks for the post.

10 9 5 1 3 4 7 8 6 2 says:

I am frankly not a hardcore fan of science-fiction, but I finished this book in 2 days.
It was great.

fairlyimaginitive says:

You sway back and forth an awful lot, as though you're nervous, but otherwise it's not too bad. (You look better in blue than in red though IMHO.)

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