BOOK REVIEW!!! A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder!!! YA Murder Mystery!!

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Hey Everyone,

Today’s video is a book review on a YA Murder Mystery I recently read, A Good Girls Guide to Murder. There are some spoilers in this video but I let you known before I say anything so you know when to click out if you haven’t read the book yet.

Thanks for watching!!

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Pavlina Havelkova says:

I don't know why but the name Pip really bugged me the whole time, like I was seriously distracted every time I read it.
But what i must say, the book gave such strong Pretty little liars vibes, that the fact that her sister did it didn't surprise me a lot.
And when Ravi and Pip got into the argument (after Barney), I really hated how quickly they made up, like it was 15 sentences and everything is ok, that was weird.
And I was hoping for Cara's and Naomi's reaction to the whole situation at the end of the book.
But overall it was a good book

jasmine nicole says:

I know I’m 10 months late but I just finished the book and searched up youtube videos abt it to hear others thoughts!! I loved this book and agreed with all your thoughts!! especially with him not recognizing it wasn’t andie: i’m still like HOWWW but then I also thought it could’ve also been cause of his distressed, maybe even psychotic break? (bc he is crazzyy) something that rlly bugged me that I haven’t heard much ppl talking abt is pipas willingness to forgive becca for basically murdering her sister. like I understand beccas at that moment distress but it doesn’t dismiss the fact that she literally killed her and covered it up for so long. but yeah over all I loved it, it def kept me on my toes through out the whole read which is what I always look for in a book. You just got a new sub btw 🙂

Lauren Ste Croix says:

so looking forward to reading this book!!!

Elsa D. says:

Awesome review!!! I really liked this book, it was super interesting and i loved the twists! I read it all today lmao. I definitely agree about how when she was in a dangerous situation, it all worked out. When she went to the drug dealer and showed him the phone, he didn't try to grab it, or try to hurt her or anything. He could have trapped her in his house too, but instead he just let her out. idk seemed weird. Also, when Becca was trying to kill her, Ravi just happened to check the Find My Phone thing and him and Victor miraculously showed up to save the day. The key thing was believable to me until Ravi found it in like 30 seconds. If somebody has a large yard, or even a small one, there are usually lots of places to put it and the first place you look isn't a windchime.

Amelia Rose says:

the book is set in the UK, it’s quite common to leave spare keys out especially in the area which gave the author inspiration for little kilton and only shops have alarm systems set for break ins (only just seeing this video after reading the first book) loved this video and was wondering if you’ve read the second yet? xx

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