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Hey angels, thank you for being here!
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Smoke gets in your eyes:

Unnatural causes:

Past mortems:
All that remains:
Invisible women:
If women rose rooted:
Three women:
Everything I know about love:
Normal people:
Conversations with friends:

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Concealer – Fenty pro filt’r
Bronzer – SOSU contour stick warm
Blush – Morphe blush palette
Freckles – Freck
Brows – soap brows + max factor brow mascara
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Setting spray – iconic london

Love you, S x


Tyler Lucy says:

The fact that you’ve read Paul O’Grady’s autobiography has massively amused me 😂😂

aromal Ks says:

So beautiful

Xime D says:

loved every recommendation !!!

Ten Ways To Wear It says:

It’s not weird to be interested in mortality and postmortem things. I went to school for mortuary science and worked in a mortuary for over five years. And for most of those five years I worked graveyard shift. I enjoyed my job and now I work in law enforcement and do YouTube. I don’t think I’m weird at all. 🤷🏾‍♀️💜

Kate Smith says:

When I reading “women rose rooted” i felt the exact same. Good idea as interesting, but could of been said in fewer words

Anniegracee says:

how do you get your teeth so white???

Yasmine Ben Salah says:

can you please please trim your eyebrows :')

Maddy Michaela says:

I know I'm pretty late but my favourite books to date are those from Chris Carter's Robert Hunter series. They're basically about a detective and his partner working on really morbid/gruesome/twisted etc. serial killer cases! I've been reading Unnatural Causes based on your review & recommendation on IG and I really like it so far :))

Sadie Zipsie says:

honestly the cutest human ever

Anna Fain says:

i literally love you and your content more than most people. this is amazing <3

Abbi Tear says:

If you like autobiographies you should read Julian Clary's, possibly the funniest thing I have ever read in my life

Callum Crighton says:

where did you get those hoop earings from?! theyre stunning
loved the video Xx

Julianna Levy says:

Hi, great videos. Where is your septum ring from?? X

Talisha Stewart says:

I LOVED Three Women!!

georgina Stephanie says:

I love this do more of these videosssss!!!

Raul Hernandez says:

These reccomendations were very helpful. Thanks for the upload pretty lady.

Nailah Johnson says:

New books to add to my list.

Savannah Parker says:

what’s your sign?

Paper Copy says:

Just a bit of constructive feedback – I think you're gorgeous btw and love your look.
It would be great if you went into a bit more detail as to what happens in the books, the plot/dialogue/style of writing/the genre.
Was a bit on the vague side. You mentioned 'the relationship between people' in quite a lot of the reviews but not how they transpired or tied into the story. Anyway I hope that helps somehow!

Victoria Tavares says:

where can I find your earringssss? they're amazing (just like you) ♥️

Iris Cecconi says:

If would be a delight to see a jewellery haul or a video abt your jewellery ‘course I loove your accessories !

Rosina Hall says:

Do you have a goodreads? You've got great taste in books xx

Soph_db _ says:

You look like ‘Tokyo” from the money heist on Netflix

Rachael McGregor says:

omg omg love all the jewelry and tattoos!! so pretty

M M says:

Where are your earrings and rings from? They are gorgeous!

Barfi Shaikh says:

You're beautiful, bold, brave, and risk taker!


completely random – you have the most beautiful teeth I have every seen !!!

Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson says:

i use the same mascara and i love it 🙂

Gizan Glyer says:

Did you like rocketman?

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