Book Reading: I Spy Spooky Night by Jean Marzollo & Walter Wick

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I Spy books are among some of my favorite picture books. Several years ago, I visited the author’s website and learned a fun new way to read these books filled with riddles. Once you learn this rhythm, you’ll want to read every “I Spy” book out there. Enjoy! And have fun!


Chip chip 2 says:

I remember seeing this video as a kid

Olivia Dalrymple says:

this was my favourite I spy book growing up. I must have read it a thousand times this was very well down thank you.

Glitterpuff Galaxy says:

Did you know this book is related to the phantom of the opera?! ( except for the last few pages )

Gian Camaganacan says:

This is probably one of my most favorite I Spy Book and I noticed that in each page, it changes from place to place so I have theory that a little girl is probably having a nightmare on Halloween and wakes up early in the morning. The toys she have in her room is probably what builds up the nightmare, (Notice the dollhouse)

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