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I filmed this about a month ago… so this is past Samantha with past Samantha’s bookshelves! Yay.

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Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

The Questions:
1) What is your favorite book that was turned into a movie/TV series? Did you like the adaptation?
2) Have you ever watched a movie/TV series before reading the book? Which one?
3) What is the best book to movie/TV series adaptation you’ve seen? And which one did you like the least?
4) Name a book you really want to see as a movie/TV series.
5) Name a movie that should be turned into a book.



Elena Jovančić says:

Pirates of the Caribbean omg yessssssssss 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😱

charity yoder says:

movie I watched before reading: perks of being a wallflower. (book wasn't as good).
tv show I watched first: Bitten. (they were different but equally fantastic).

Coffee&Chapters says:

The books of LOTR are amazing I haven't read the 3rd one yet. There is so much in there… but you do need to separate the two mediums and understand that if Jackson has been "truer" to the books we would still be watching them and still be in the Shire…yeah Tolkien is long winded…but good I'd love to see your review on the books! 

SCSreads says:

I really liked the first Hunger Games and I also thought the second movie was excellent! I've definitely watched the movie or TV series before reading the book (I just did a video on 4 adaptations that made me want to read the book)! I also think The Night Circus would make a great movie- I was thinking that while I was reading the book. If they did it well, it would be really amazing to see how they bring all of the magical elements to life.

Apollo says:

Oh my gosh! I love you more now that you mentioned the Abhorson series!!!!! It is seriously one of my favorite series and I feel that everyone should read it. The writing is so beautiful and the world is so amazing. I listened to it on audio, and Tim Curry is the best narrator of all time! 

Thanks so much for mentioning it! 🙂 I literally read Lirael over and over. It is my favorite, especially in the beginning where she is in the library. It's just such a great comfy read, despite all the craziness that she gets into haha.

Have you read the prequel that just came out? I haven't read it yet since it's a new narrator, but I need to get to it. I listen to audio books a lot since I'm visually impaired 🙂 

You should give them a try if you haven't listened to them 🙂 

Great video!

Let's Read says:

If it's a book I've never heard of I'll watch the movie first, if it's a book I've read and loved I'll usually re-read before the movie comes out. This has been problematic as It's made me too critical of the adaptation when it finally comes out. Reading the the book again after the movie has come out makes it more enjoyable. Best way to appreciate all the things they did put into the movie without being sore about what was left out.

Sam's Nonsense says:

Ah yes, you need to read he LOTR! As for movie adaptations, LOTR is in my opinion one of the best, some stuff was left out, like one of my favorite characters in book 1, but other than that they're done really well
If you want some great pirate action books, read the Inda series by Sherwood Smith! From the 2nd half of book 1 through the 4th book, lots of ship and pirate action! Seriously amazing series, the world building is amazing! I'm re-reading Inda right now and realizing all over again just how much I love this series <3

The Story Magpie says:

I second the need for pirate books!! I'm coming to terms lately with the fact that it really doesn't matter if you watch the adaptation before you read it… sometimes you just don't feel like reading it and there are so many more books on my TBR that I actually want to read. Like you said, if you end up really liking the film it usually makes you want to read the books anyway. e.g. the marvel films have made me want to read the comics so I've started looking into those now. Yeah, I don't think it should be such a big deal about reading something before watching it 🙂

Guillermo Andrade says:

I like this tag! I really liked this video 🙂

M K says:

My answers would be:
1: Harry potter 3
2: The Hobbit
3: Hunger Games trilogy
4: Skulduggery Pleasant series
5: The last of us (ok so its not a movie, but a game, however it would be awesome)

Bitten by a radioactive book says:

Great video! The Night Circus is a movie I'm also really looking forward to.

theodora cristea says:

I think that, if it's done well, The Night Circus would be a fantastic movie. And I think there should be a narrator, and that person who does the narration would be the person who plays Widget. And… Just imagine seeing the Circus coming to life.. It would be simply magical. But it would have to be a movie with a high buget to get it all right..

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