BEST Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2019 | Favourite Science Fiction & Fantasy Books #booktubesff

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Best Horror & Thrillers Published in 2019:

Best Backlist Horror:

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Honourable Mentions:

The Wrong Stars (Axiom #1) by Tim Pratt
Spoiler-Free Trilogy Review Video:

Saloons & Stardust: A Collection by Pamela Jeffs

My Favourite Science Fiction & Fantasy Books I Read in 2019:

5. Tiamat’s Wrath (The Expanse #8) by James S.A. Corey

4. Sufficiently Advanced Magic (Arcane Ascension #1) by Andrew Rowe

On the Shoulders of Titans (Arcane Ascension #2) by Andrew Rowe

3. Escaping Exodus by Nicky Drayden

2. To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers

1. Under the Skin by Michel Faber
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Heather-Lin Brannon says:

I highly recommend Under The Skin in audio! It was MESMERIZING!!

Heather-Lin Brannon says:

Oh Rachel, such an early labor!! I'm so glad you and Baby are well, and how wonderful you had an absorbing read during that time. Thank goodness for books 🖤

Leah K says:

Great video! I'm excited to see Sufficiently Advanced Magic on this list and one of The Expanse books. I'm just getting back into that series.

Have you heard of Annex by Rich Larson? That was a book that I read a few years ago that I still think about today!

Geraldine Reads says:

I'll have to see if my library has Under the Skin or maybe try reading the book of strange new things (it's been on my shelf for the longest time).

krakentoagoodbook says:

I still need to read Tiamat's Wrath! I think I may be reading it soon. Sufficiently Advanced Magic is fun! I've been debating on picking up the second one recently. I read The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden a few years ago and liked it, but didn't love it. I was hesitant about picking up more of her books (particularly since I think I saw some kinda meh reviews for Temper). But maybe I should give this one a shot! I also need to read To Be Taught! I'm sure I'm going to love it.

desertrosereads says:

I haven’t read any of these but these but you’ve given me some good ideas for things to pick up!

Kerry D. says:

The Tim Pratt book was already on my TBR but has just climbed higher. I wish you and your son all the very best. My son also decided to arrive 3 months early and while I no longer remember what I read, I know I spent long hours beside his incubator with a book. He is now a strapping 16 year old who is taller than me.

James A Tipton says:

Beam me up Scotty, nothing to read here.

ricecakepower says:

I saw sci-fi and fantasy and clicked. Paused video thinking 'oh no this will make me buy more books…. Its too late I'm already on it…' Carries on watching 🍿 😂

Kasha's Book Sematary says:

These all sound so good. Definitely will be picking up some of them 🙂

Jason’s Weird Reads says:

I ended up doing my top ten before the end of the year and regretted it. There was one book I finished off that definitely would have made that list, if not high up.

This is a great list! I’m looking forward to reading them all!

Kalanadi says:

I plan on checking out Tim Pratt's series because of your review! Tiamat's Wrath almost made my top 10 list this year too, though for some reason I have a hard time putting books that late in a series in my favorites…hmmm… Would you say that Escaping Exodus is as intense and gruesome than Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley?

N C says:

Ugh body horror… I cant do it.

Yvette Twaites says:

I've had Under the Skin on my bookshelf for ages; you've now bumped it to the top of my TBR! Also Escaping Exodus, I'm intrigued even tho I don't read a lot of sci-fi. Can't wait for your best of horror backlist video! 🤗

Haunted Voyager says:

Excellent vid and definitely added a couple of titles to my “to read” list of 2020!

Read and Find Out says:

I remember seeing Kaitlin talk about Sufficiently Advanced Magic and feeling like I might want to check it out, but you've convinced me! Just added it to my TBR. I thought Escaping Exodus would make your list! I wonder if and how the ARC differs from the finished copy, since I think the finished copy is just a smidge longer. To Be Taught, If Fortunate is one of my favorites of the year as well.

KittenNuisance says:

😻😻😻 It is my honor to have suggested a new fave to one of my faves! 🖤

monilily says:

This is why you are one of my favorite booktubers! This makes me so excited to pick up more science fiction. I am definitely thinking about picking up your top three 😉

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