BEST HORROR & THRILLER BOOKS PUBLISHED in 2019 | My Favourite New Releases #bestbooks #horrorbooks

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Best Backlist Horror:

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My Favourite 2019 New Release Horror Books I Read in 2019:

5. The Whisper Man by Alex North

4. Camp Slaughter by Sergio Gomez

3. Twelve Nights at Rotter House by J.W. Ocker
Video Review:

2. Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

1. Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky
Video Review:

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Reading & Retail says:

I’m binge watching the horror booktubers! Obsessed!! Hi how are ya!!🥰🥰

Pritam Majumder says:

I liked imaginary friend very much. But I think last 200 pages let down the book.

frank frankerson says:

I'm looking for new horror authors to read

Beautifully Bookish Bethany says:

Twelve Nights sounds fun! This year I need to pick up a Riley Sager.

krakentoagoodbook says:

Somehow, I didn't realize that you read and enjoyed The Whisper Man! That was one I had been looking at, but at the time, I saw a lot of so-so reviews. I still need to pick up Twelve Nights at Rotter House! I have Final Girls in my TBR, so I definitely want to read that first before checking out Riley Sager's other books.

purgatory paul's book review says:

Nice review. Great books. Keep up the great work.

Marcy Reads says:

I’m dying to read Imaginary Friend 😩 also adding Twelve Nights… to my buy list 😍 Great choices!

BeadingBoyBling says:

Great review, however i am STILL struggling with Imaginary Friend…….after 4 weeks, (and have read 5 others since starting this one) I am debating DNF'g it at page 436. I had others tell me this was great, hmmmmm? Maybe I am too old? LOL. The whole plastic bag thing is weird.

What Everyone Else is Reading says:

Great list! I've not read all of these yet but I'm really looking forward to doing so 🙂 My personal favourite was definitely Violet by Scott Thomas

the waterjug says:

Does anyone know website's that offer 70,80s paperback horror novels?

Gisela Perez says:

I was surprised that you include The Whisper Man in the list because I saw some not good reviews. But coming from you the recommendation, a person who used to read this genre, I'm definitely want to read it now. Also I want to read Imaginary Friend. Well, all the books sound great! 📚📚📚👏👏👏👏

SparklesBooks says:

I've just bought the whisper man and I can't wait to read it 🙂

Kelly Martin Books says:

Loved your list! I keep looking at Imaginary Friend and putting it back down, but I think I'll pick it up and read it now 🙂

Lisa G says:

Well, I’ve already failed my resolution not to buy any books – I just got Camp Slaughter on Kindle 😂 Imaginary Friend was my favourite in 2019 too.

Kasha In Bookland says:

I need to catch up with some of the new 2019 horror releases plus the new ones to come this year 🙈 so much work to do. I definitely want to read The Whisper Man and Camp Slaughter this year

Angie's Bookish world! says:

Hey! I read imaginary friend! It was a really great book. I enjoyed it so much! One of my favorites of 2019.for sure! Enjoyed your video have a great weekend. 😀

mariakai says:

You are my FAVORITE reviewer!!!! I love horror and I've read many of your recommendations🤩🤩🤩

mariakai says:

Have you heard of Otessa Moshfeh?

Kathleen Douglas says:

Can’t wait to add these to my TBR! They all look incredible!

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