Best Historical Romance Books | Part 2

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Hi Booklovers! I’m back with another recommendations video, about historical romances again! ~Lacey

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The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie:
Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage:
–MacKenzies series:
Sea of Ruin:
When a Scot Ties the Knot:
The Secret:
Uptown Girls series:
Beguiling the Beauty:
Again the Magic:

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Martina Betta says:

Love this books ❤️ your voice it's so nice to hear, it's super calm. I really recommend you to read Adriana Rubens "Detrás de tu mirada" I'm sure you gonna love it

Martina Betta says:

I love your videos ❤️ and really love the books you recommend. I hardly recommend you read Adriana Reubens

Sumslife101 says:

Historical romance is one of my favourite genres. Theres a couple of books you mentioned that i've not read or heard of so i will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

maria elysabet pane says:

Again a magic is one of my favorite novel from Lisa kleypass 😊
My favorite novel from julie garwood is the gift
I love your video lacey

edu o. says:

this rec list was sooo good wow. 😍😍🤩 i honestly think i took a screenshot of every book she talked about lol 😅😅

kereen henry says:

Ah,Lacey you make me want to go buy Indigo I read a few Beverly Jenkins but not that one. Will check out a few of your other recommendations.

Tarrell Bellinger says:

Glad to hear you enjoyed The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. It was gut wrenching, heartbreaking and wonderful all at once. Ian and Beth have definitely won your heart. Stellar. Hope you have an amazing day! 🥰 I've got a couple of important questions for you. Who are your top 3 favorite romance authors of 2020 (so far)? And what are your thoughts on the recent passing of Naya Rivera of Glee fame?

Ezrah [I Heart Romance] says:

Again the Magic is my fave LK! Also one of the first LK books I read! 🥰

Bethany K says:

Definitely read the first book in Tessa Dare's Castle Ever After series, Romancing the Duke, it's so sweet.

Jenna Russo says:

Love your videos Lacey!! You’re my fav book tuber! I def wanna read Indigo!! Also Boo is the cutest 💗

ms ysolde says:

wow! can i have the list of that books and authors? hope i can find those books.

Mavi Hodoglugil says:

Hi sorry if this is random, but do you (or anyone else) know if you have to read the books in the "Girl Meets Duke" series by Tessa Dare in order to not get any spoilers or are they unrelated enough to where you can go out of order? I love your channel!

remarkablylisa says:

i also should read my johanna shupe books too lmao

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