Best Fantasy Books I Read in 2018

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Swamp Fox says:

Dude I have the Conan novel. It's amazing! Good call! 👍

Lady Valkyrie_I says:

Tidus shirt? SUBBED

Shari Cola says:

I'm not knocking your picks, I really enjoyed most of them but… You have Stormlight Archive right behind you. That's my all time favorite series. Brandon Sanderson is like a god amongst men

Rob Paul says:

Some day I will get to read Conan – I liked the Arnie movies when I was younger but they did not motivate me to pick up the actual books 😆

Joe Abercrombie, First Law trilogy.. you need to pick that up for sure.
Jim Butcher, Dresden files .. modern day fantasy about a professional wizard, so yeah.. magic. But would still highly recommend it.
Terry Pratchett , Discworld. A must read to my mind. Monstrous Regiment, Small Gods, Interesting Times, Guards! Guards! .. all great places to start.

The Book Of Lewis says:

Good job 👍😊 Fantasy is a fabulous genre

Bibliofilth says:

Another great video for me to add a bunch of books to my TBR 😂

Breakeven Books says:

So many new books I have never heard of! Thanks for the recommendations 😊

book boop says:

Great video! You read very similar books to my husband, so I need to send some videos his way for some great suggestions 🙂

Graham Smith says:

Robert E. Howard is a pen name employed by James Oliver Rigney Jr. He wrote The Wheel of Time series under the name of Robert Jordan. That is a series you really should read. Fourteen books that are about to be adapted into a TV series.

Kier The Scrivener says:

It is amazing to look over the books when you first fall in love with genres.

Bits of Lit says:

I'll have to read more fantasy. Some of these books look cool.

Yesica1993 says:

I love that your wife bought you books for Valentine's Day. If someone did that for me, I would know it was true love!

Nihad- M says:

I know the series is not finished, but I can't help but recommend The Name of the Wind. If you like character driven fantasy, music, and just hand down beautiful prose you will love it. Then you can join us in this bittersweet( but entirely worth it) waiting game.

The Fantasy Book Club Channel says:

Great video mate! Really good stuff and you gave some suggestions I'll definitely be adding to my list for the club.

Wilde Book Garden says:

I need to pick up The Lies of Locke Lamora! I've been so nervous because it's so hyped but I do think I'm going to enjoy it

Jago Sevatarion says:

Glad you liked Conan dude! My favorite stories were Queen of the Black Coast, Beyond the Black River and Red Nails, which I totally dug With it’s creepy Aztec-like setting. But I’m a Robert E. Howard fanboy so I’m biased 😛😆

All Booked Up says:

Never even heard of the Coldfire trilogy! I read the first Scott lynch book last year and really enjoyed it. I agree that it's some of the best characterisation in fantasy, at least that I've read, along with the First Law trilogy. The first Black Company trilogy were the last three books I read in 2018 and they were some of my favourites full stop. Considering when it was written its got such a unique world and tone and the characters have really strong Individual voices. Great stuff

wpsam52 says:

Impressed by how many books you read.  I can at best read about 10-12 non fiction books a year and maybe 6-7 fiction.  I get too easily distracted to read for long periods.

Cynthia Payne says:

Conan, historically, is such an important work. Superman is a rip off of Conan, and Superman started the whole superhero thing, which led to the plethora of superhero movies. I didn't realize his stories were that extensive (that book is thick!). I'm about to start the second Lies of Locke Lamora and am really looking forward to it.

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