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A list of what I feel are some of the best fantasy audiobooks 🙂

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robizm1000 says:

Peter Kenny?

Jester2189 says:

First law…sucked…boring as fuck…

bhargava pothakamuri says:

Best credit investment in Audible, the first law trilogy.

Conway Fitzgerald says:

Hi Elliot. I'm looking to coordinate/promote with my contemporaries – fantasy authors who are also on YouTube. Let me know if you'd like to chat about maybe doing a podcast or interview. Best. CF.

Clown Shoes MMA says:

Kinda new to audible. Lost a significant amount of vision a while back due to MS and have trouble reading now. I like novels that have multiple books (at least 4) So far, I have the dark tower series by Stephen King. My brother recommended it and I absolutely loved those 7 books. The narrator had a motorcycle accident and died after book 3. The new narrators voice doesn’t fit the characters at first but he still does a wonderful job. I just finished the Game of Thrones series. Great stories but I’m doubtful GRRM will ever finish the last few books and that’s so annoying.
If anyone knows about other great series please fill me in.

Aaron Wolfenbarger says:

Also what are you hiding under all that makeup?I bet your hubby wakes up and gets startled every morning doesnt he? Its like false advertising!

Aaron Wolfenbarger says:

SHIT! Utter SHIT! The best fantasy audiobook series you can read are the dragonlance novels specifically war,time, and test of the twins. The original dragons of autumn winter and spring dawning are also better than "The Shart itself"

michael Baziotis says:

I don't really love Michael Kramer's female voices but ironically I REALLY don't like Kate Readings male voice.

That being said, I LOVE Michael and Kate as a reading team! They are SO good!

Garrison Pledger says:

Hair is awesome!

Hulk Gamer says:

I never read The Dresden Files , but I gave the audiobook a try, however James Marsters reading it was horrible….he is considered a voice actor? lol I do things when I listen and usually can tell with ease a change in character but his all sound the same, like he doesn't even try. So he is on my list now for books to skip if he is narrating them…… now looking around I am guessing the reason why "some" say he is good is because I guess fan girls love him, which in no way makes him any good .

Khaled Jaber says:

Kramer ﹥Pacey
Also I kinda hated the narrator for Warbreaker :/

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