BEST BOOKS OF 2019!!! – Black Science Fiction & Fantasy + Afrofuturism + Africanfuturism!

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The short story collections CAME THROUGH in 2019!!

Books Mentioned:

The Forgotten Girl:

Hurricane Child:

Dragons in a Bag:


The Stars And the Blackness Between Them:

Magnifique Noir:

The Heaviness of Knowing:




Gods of Jade and Shadow:

The Book of Night Women:

The Deep:

New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color:

Black From the Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Writing:

Filter House:

New Worlds, Old Ways: Speculative Tales from the Caribbean:

Ghost Summer: Stories:

Love beyond Space and Time:

Two Moons: Stories:

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PriscillaReads says:

Ok I added like all of these to my TBR lol. They all sound incredible. They’re moontacular!!

Christina H. says:

I don't know whether it's the way you describe them or the fact that those books are great but currently I'm trying to figure out how to read 6 book at the same time. Also, moon!

Chastity C. P. says:

I love this video and you and these recommendations so much. I was just looking at the sun in awe, amazement, and love today so the mention of falling in love with the moon hit right home for me. An author's courage never ceases to amaze me. Writing about things many of us have felt but might feel too bashful to put words to. Gotta love it.

Zoya Neela says:

Moon – the Lunar, Feminine, cooling energy. Loved "Friday Black", so haunting. Enjoyed the sweetness of "The Stars and the Blackness between Them", and that ending…..Wow!

Michael Greenker says:

🌜Thank you for all the recommendations! 🌛

Cat Lover says:

Thanks again here.. 👍📚

Ashley Morlan says:

Thank you for the amazing recommendations!!

Evan Mia Anderson says:

Thanks for the commendations! It’s like 3 am but I’m desperate to find more sci-fi dystopian fantasy it with no magic, possibly afrofuturism like I wrote down some you mentioned. And a girl falling in love with the moon sound unique and inspired though!

Paris Norman says:

Moon!! I really love your channel! I spend so much time googling and searching on Goodreads for Afrofuturism books, but now I know that I can come to your channel and get amazing recs. Thank you so much 🙂

Antônio Neto says:

This is the kind of booktube channel I've been looking for! Many pleasure to meet you, greetings from Brasil

Mel Wozniak says:

Thank you for putting all these fabulous-looking books on my radar! I'm actually reading another one of Octavia Butler's books right now, The Parable of the Sower, and I'm kind of in love with her writing/world-building skills, so I'm eager to pick up Fledgling.
P.S. In regards to your question about whether a girl or a person has fallen in love with a celestial manifestation, the only real example that comes to mind for me is Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Sokka/Yue romance. (If you haven't seen the show, I won't spoil why, but let's just say it kind of fits.)

love chriis says:

Here is a book about a Caribbean island. It is free for a limited time at It is also available at If you enjoyed it please leave a comment on Goodreads. I will put New Worlds Old Ways on my TBR. Thank you.

Sunflower Spirited says:

Moon! Just wanted to comment on the celestial bodies and falling in love thing, the lightning bug Ray in Princess and the Frog falls in love with a star! He names her Evangeline and it’s actually a very sweet romance even if she never says anything back uwu . Great recs, I will definitely be checking some of these out!

sirbooksage says:

Freshwater was fantastic. I've got Pet in my queue to read this year. And I've added a couple more from your list to my TBR. And how about that moon? 🙂

Kshantineyah Langford says:

Thank you for this video.

ONYX Pages says:

Thanks, love! Come back when you’ve read books I’ve suggested, and let me know what you think. ❤️🖤💜

Casey Cassidy says:

the only thing i'd read in this video was Love Beyond Space and Time and I've spent the last 15 minutes looking up the rest of them to see if my library has them/Scribd/adding to my barnes&noble cart. everything sounds amazinggggggg. also moon! 🙂

Word Wonders says:

The ending of The Stars and the Blackness between Us is one of my favorites ever. It's brilliant!!!

Beautifully Bookish Bethany says:

Great lineup! And yes, Silvia-Moreno Garcia is an amazing writer.

Wanderness says:

My Goodreads just got a whole lot more thicc. Yes for majority black authors!!

Moira AW says:

Hello I come from Germany I saw your video on Goodreads. Nice Channel-

Ketutar Jensen says:

I was watching BooksandLala and she did a "thing", reading the favorite books of youtubers, or something like that. I like the idea, but not the books she likes, so I set on trying to find someone with similar taste on books like me. And I found you. I have seen a couple of videos by you, now, and I like what I see. You are enthusiastic, have nice voice, present the books in a way that I have put a couple of these on my TBR list 😀
BTW, 1986 Mecano made a song that is one of my all time favorites. Hijo de la luna. Check it out 😉

Literature Science Alliance says:

I have been looking for good sci-fi to put on my tbr and found quite a few good ones here. You really have me sold on Elysium in particular! I also think you are one of the first booktubers I have followed that talked about short story collections and I am now considering picking one up. Based on your reaction to two moons I might start there. But yea found out about your channel thru the SFF book awards announcement videos and really excited that I did!

Erin Fox says:

HOW are you not a host for Black-a-thon?! Please tell me you’re at least participating and posting a TBR! MOON.

Hayden Books says:

the Book of Night Women sounds super cool! I will need to check it out! you have some good taste and I will definitely be coming back to this video when I go to buy more books soon 🙂

Richael Faithful says:

Stellar list! I’m excited to read the short story collections and to finally read a work by Nisi Shawl, who you’ve recommended for a while now (and I’m remembering your interview with them). Thank you for this compilation!

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