Best Books of 2019 aka Favorite Books You Need to Read in 2020!

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Time to share the best books I’ve read in 2019 aka the books you need to read in 2020! I’ve found more new favorite sci-fi, fantasy and more books than ever so here are the reviews and my recommendations! What are your best books of 2019?
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Kat M
Andrassy Zsofi
Marianna Bisiarina
Kim Patten
Lili O Varela
Veronica Huber
Bailey McDonald
Ida Bjørn-Larsen
Catie Walter
Shauna Marie
Linda Gonzales
Amanda Appel
Sarah A Schafer


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BookswithEmilyFox says:

What are the best books you've read this year? 😀

Domo Toothless says:

I hope that you love starsight as well! As starsight is one of my favourite reads for 2019! 🙂

Jessie Mae says:

LOVE Vengeful and Vicious!!! So glad to see this on the list!

Casey C says:

I wanted to like a Little Life but found it to be nothing but nicely written torture porn. Jude came across as a professional victim with an ott backstory, hated that the story basically implies that victims if abuse will never heal and be nothing but a broken shell OR that there is this perfect support system out there which is ridiculous. The friendships felt superficial at best, the 'friends' stood by and did basically nothing for decades and THEN decided to help,…nah. I liked the writing style but but the rest was misery for miserys sake

Casey C says:

The Sparrow sounds a smidge like parts of The Expanse-largest ship In the solar system created by the Mormons, as they have the most money to make it!

Du côté de chez Pou says:

One of my friends read out loud to me the first two chapters of Spin and now I want to read it so I need to find a copy asap

Marie Metivier says:

Have you read about "Eon" and "Eona" from Alison Goodman? I don't hear from those books on Booktube and yet, I loved them and recommend them if you like Fantasy and Dragon stories.

Jessica Barrameda says:

Try reading Yvonne Woon's Dead Beautiful.

Desiree Juarez says:

Ugh I have A Little Life coming in the mail this week…. I’m so excited and dreading it at the same time

Helena de la Peña says:

you: it’s set on a magic school…
me: amazon chart intensifies

_sugarbunny_ says:

I literally stopped what I was doing when you said there's going to be a third in the Villains series. SO EXCITED. Marcella is the best villain ever.

Kelly Flynn says:

Thank you for bringing me Nevernight Emily! Also, yes, Vengeful. So much yes.

Adeline Garcia says:

Is Emily French?

with cinnamon, please says:

I really need to read A Little Life! great video 🙂

forfoxsake says:

is it possible to always link the books? so I can find it without any efforts

Liliana Ocampo says:

Yes yes yes! I just got "Spin" , "A little life" and "Children of Ruin" from Amazon and I'm super exited to start those in January!! … Meanwhile I need to finish my first book of SK which is "The shinning" (I'm in 67%) and I gotta say that Im very surprised, cause I thought that it will be more mistery than horror given the many reviews that I've seen of him and his books, still I think that this cooooould be consider as Horror (I think that someone who tend to avoid horror movies maybe could have nightmares) eventhough I have been able to sleep as a baby…. Btw 3 of the best books that I've read this year are: "Children of time," The frozen heart" (It's a spanish book of the Spanish War cause I love historical novels and suffering is also one of my jams) and "The Nightingale" 🙂

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