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Moira Menzelli says:

If you like dark sci-fi with lots of comedy you should check out John Dies at the End
(spoiler: the title isn't a spoiler :P)
Read for pure comedic value, stay for the weirdness

Paul Ian Cross says:

The Girl with All the Gifts is an incredible book! Can't wait to see the movie

Tatianna Penn says:

omg i wanna read half these books but i just started the twilight series

Zahraa Al Lawati says:

Can u do a recommendation video for YA Historical Fiction

sourlemon693 says:

I love your energy!

DavidReadsWords says:

Sick looks so cool!! Uhg TBR keeps growing lol I need to get it! 😀

DavidReadsWords says:

Personality on point !:D awesome video!!!

Eleanor Kate says:

Ben Recommends are greatttt! I love them!

Maurane Broutin says:

Thanks for your crazyness and your joy ! That makes me smile each time !! I'm a french girl and you speak soooooooo fast !! But it's ok I love your videos !! 🙂

Mable says:

I want to read Darkest Minds SO BAD!

Mable says:

I've had my eye on The Girl With All The Gifts for a while now tbh

HollyByGollyBooks says:

After playing Destiny all day & reading The Martian I came across your video and it's perfect with my sci-fi theme I apparently have going on today!! Hahaha 😀
Broken Skies sounds soooo good!! I love alien books so much! And I also really look forward to reading The Darkest Minds!
You have the best recommendation videos!!

Hannaleeah says:

The bookshelves look amazing. (:

Mandi Lynn says:

Very happy to see The Darkest Minds on this list!

Ari Hadaegh says:

The Darkest Minds is amazing!

BangadyBangz says:

I need to read Darkest Minds! I bought it a few weeks ago, and it's definitely on my TBR!

seo dan says:

Love your bookshelves!!! <3

Anna Philipsen says:


Angela Porter says:

Get to feeling better Ben Cause we can not go without your awesome spirit on your videos! You are one of the few that when I see a video pop up I watch it NOW not set it up in a line to watch in order. Love all Booktubers but some I stop everything to watch. You are one of them and I am not sure what I would do if you were sick and could not do videos. Plus you have to stay healthy for your trip with Sasha! 

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