Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer

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We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we’ll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on YouTube 12/16/20.


Jeri Hunter says:

That was awesome!

Cheryl says:

The worst president ever, Obama

Kevin Pounds says:

Led zeppelin, when the levee breaks, whole lot of love, over the hills and far away

Red Storm says:

Obama is a commie traitor !!! Unsubscribing…..

Nina Mravlja says:

How cool is that?!? Congrats, guys 😁

Eileen Bane-Escobar says:

Wow!! What an honor! Well-deserved, young men! Well done. Keep up the good work!

Teresa Carnero says:

How lucky are you guys….I just got my copy of President Obama's book. I'm also old and I remember the Bob Dylan song and how important his message was back in the day.

Mandy MacLeod says:

I love this!!!

Kelly Malone says:

Wow. Just wow. You guys have gained so much traction with your channel. Congratulations!

Kevin Pounds says:

Acdc back in black, hell's bells. TNT,

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