Author Malcolm Nance Covers His New Book, "The Plot to Betray America"

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In “The Plot to Betray America,” Malcolm Nance, New York Times bestselling author and renowned intelligence expert, reveals exactly how Trump and his inner circle coordinated and eventually strategized to commit the greatest act of treachery in the history of the United States: compromising the presidential oath of office in exchange for power and personal enrichment. The book provides a step-by-step blueprint of how and why Trump will be brought to justice.

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BUILD Series says:

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sun rise says:

This gentleman has given me hope. He should run for President. 😍😇😇😇😇

keithnico says:

Like I tried to warn you guys, This guy is a SWAMP creature! All he spews is B.S and is part of the Washington Cabal. All his rhetoric has been debunked.. He is not an intelligence expert he is a Deep state operative. He is part of the problem. He was working to overthrow and undermine the Trump presidency.. His Books are GARBAGE.. Propaganda!!

A J C Sr says:

Didn't the Russians also hack the RNC ? We never heard anything more about that. No information has come out about the Republicans. Would the reason behind that be, because the information gathered on the Republicans is being use as blackmail against them ?
Hence, so many Republicans are all of a sudden, more Russia friendly ?

Laticia Lockleer says:

Mr. Nance, I applaud your intelligence and honesty about what is really happening in the world. Thank you for using your expertise for the good of the American people! Our very democracy is very much compromised. Trump deserves to not only be impeached, but imprisoned! I'll read you books.

Andrew Fraser says:

This host was not up to this task.

Gregory Renstrom says:

Nance is a powerful source of information. His Jefferisonian Purity is ref freshing!

Gregory Renstrom says:

Welcome to the game of Power!

Harry B says:

Malcolm Nance, what a great interview! You've got a fan in The Netherlands, my man! 👊

jamesanson says:

brilliant interview & scary truths shared

Roman Clay says:

Vladdy is baddy, Vladdy Vladdy baddy. 
But Vladdy is Donny's daddy, 
And Donny is a traitor to our flaggy.

Roman Clay says:

Trump idolizes Putin

Deirdre Lovell says:


Robert Johnson says:

In order to back up what Malcolm Nance, read Timothy Snyder's "The Road to Unfreedom." He is professor of European, Russian and Ukrainian history. It explains why Trump lies all the time.

canuck says:

I think.Putin has a tape, but more likely in debt financially to him, well he is, because he got Russian money for his campaign via Parnas.

canuck says:

KKK and neo nazi groups ought to be illegal, as domestic terrorists. No, people are not free to say anything they want, not if it is threatening, not if it incites terror or fear or if it slanders people, or if there is criminal intent.

canuck says:

Impeachment? Oh Oh, Any Other ideas ? What if the elections fail to unseat him? Well people can discern Trump's lies if they have any sense in their head. And Nance makes sense here, he is so right about Trump. It is gravely serious, he is just getting started.

canuck says:

How has Nance managed to stay out of Trump's crosshairs ??? He is right. Wha? Evangelists in Moscow, lol. Trump is evil just like Putin, imo.

Marinda McCarter says:

Why is Rupert Murdoch allowing Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, and posse to go on live TV and spew propaganda and falsehoods. That's a shame!!!…

jltrem says:

Malcolm Nance is my hero. But he scares the shit out of me.

iqbal timol says:

The self declared king of the Jews now rules the US. I love it! Go Trump go!

Broken Connection says:

This man is unimaginable clever, and what he's saying is truly horrifying. I hope powers of something good will defeat the current nightmare that is going on in the world.

Jamie AFilly8 says:

Want to read what Malcolm says in his interviews? I have a collection of interview transcrips at

Michael Hagan says:

Americans need to mobilize an information campaign thru Social media to expose the Republicans betrayal of our Democracy , we need to expose them for the Traitors they are on a consistent basis !!!

Joe Magnets says:

Hey Mr. Nance, when ya gonna write a book on how the zionists have totally corrupted 'our weak-minded, GREEDY traitors, that call themselves 'american politicians, but are loyal only to their bank accounts and the the zionists that BRIBE THEM and BLACKMAIL THEM to keep America the colony of the zionist JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL?
Joe Magnets

Joe Magnets says:

That was 'HAIR ON FIRE'.

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