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Review of The Windy Season by Sam Carmody.
Found this book on my shelves and had completely forgotten about it. Another coming of age novel, also spliced with some crime as well. Set on the coast of Western Australia, this novel won the Reading Prize back in 2016.
Recommended for people who have enjoyed Tim Winton, Peter Temple, and Holly Throsby.

The Windy Season – Sam Carmody – A young fisherman is missing from the crayfish boats in the harsh West Australian coastal town of Stark. There’s no trace at all of Elliot, there hasn’t been for some weeks and Paul, his younger brother, is the only one who seems to be active in the search. Taking Elliot’s place on their antagonistic cousin’s boat, Paul soon learns how many opportunities there are to get lost in those many thousands of kilometers of lonely coastline.
Fierce, evocative and memorable, this is an Australian story set within an often wild and unforgiving sea, where mysterious influences are brought to bear on the inhospitable town and its residents.


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