Animals For The Wood Elves! – Total War Warhammer 2 – Mod Review – Lore Friendly Wood Elf Mod

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Keego Bricks says:

There's something really F'd about seeing a whole swarm of unicorn.

John Sheffar says:

Hey TGBOG (Just a short version of your name) Have you ever thought of creating a Mod Collection of your Favorite mods and Must have/Can't Live without mods on the steam workshop? One of the things I run into Is what mods I want to add. I'm torn with either keep things Simple like adding major mechanics such as Region Trading with Unit packs like this one. Or just go all out and Overhaul everything like OVN and SOF. I'd love to know what kind of mods you enjoy using via a workshop collection

Blazindragon says:

Can you do a video on the Make Black Arks Land and Garrison mod? Please! It may be outdated currently but it's super useful and I bet if you give it a spotlight someone might update it and possibly give the Black Ark Admiral lord a new unique model 😀

Brian Thomassen says:

You should do a review of "Ferals for Drycha". "Animals for the Wood Elves" is intended to match up with it. "Ferals for Drycha" has more exclusive beasts as possible recruit options for her faction, for example: arachnarok spiders, mammoths, dread saurian etc. Their recruitment is tied to holding certain territories and building particular structures.

Danilo Fernandes says:

Imagine a mod like this but for lizardmen

Geralt of Rivia says:

So many uncultured individuals not realizing most of the animals are from Princess Mononoke.

Dylan thomas says:

Do the pestilence fmo

Cy says:

Animals of Eleven wood?

Vuko Drakkanien says:

After some testing and talk with mod creator we both came to conclusion that some of the animal stats needs tweaking, that's why most of these stats are placeholders. Most of the beast units copy stats of similar unit/cavalry it's based on.

Unicorns in the mod win with Grail Knights, which is just… wrong. It's because to their 20% ward save and 60 AP damage.

Any input and help with balancing would be welcome!

Ty Adams says:

Those bears look like they're from rome 1

Wei says:

The building has different icons for each tier like the building progression mod. It's a nice touch that the mod author thought of

Daniel Alvarez Berdugo says:

I feel CA lost a chance to advance work for the Kislev faction. Drycha should have definitely had bears and boars (just a reskin of carragors would have been more than enough)

Rory Mcgovern says:

Thanks for the review Nathan. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I agree that 5 levels is a bit much for the building chain. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't largely motivated by wanting to include as many building icons as possible. I just think the brown silhouette style is neat 🙂

At the moment I'm looking into making a submod in collaboration with the creator of ferals for drycha, wherein these animals would be unlocked by healing the different forests. So it becomes a game of gotta catch em all. Unlocking different species at different biomes

And as a fan of OG tabletop I'm sure you'll remember animal keepers. Those models that came in blisters with the animals so buying 3 bears also meant buying 3 keepers even though you could only have 1 per unit. Anyway I want to eventually implement them as a hero. Though tbh I havent started work on that yet but its definately on the to do list.

Thanks again. Great honour to be featured

Anybody with suggestions for tweaks, please comment on the mod page

Tom Yorke says:

eww tree granny.
Also why do the fans of games always make better mods and add lore friendly units to the game better then the games own developers company's need to take notes

Master Hunter says:

I used that mod when T&T came out playing as the WE. Very cool mod.

Lucas Bastos says:

is that compatible & balanced with steel of faith?

SuperRedarmy123 says:

elf wood animal unite

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