Anathem – REVIEW

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My review of Anathem by Neil Stephenson. A HARD scifi book that pulls no punches on the philosophy and rhetoric.
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Rebecca Keller says:

I absolutely love this book. I was kinda avoiding the author, having read a prior one and felt it a bit long for what it was, but a friend insisted. I've read it multiple times and listend to the audiobook about twice as much. Never another book has had this impact on me. Absolutely LOVE this book. Amazing. Full of ideas, full of interesting thoughts. I am not done reading this book and discovering new things I've missed

tonytontony1 says:

It's called anathem, dickhead

Mark Rickert says:

Thank you for giving this book a high rating. I read it twice now. Never thought I would read it twice. Second Time Around was maybe even better. I absolutely love this novel and I love this author. He's the smartest guy in the world and he bring you with him into the depths his knowledge. And that's the fun part! He unravels reality right before your eyes and you walk away from this book entertained and just a little bit smarter. Bravo to your review and I really appreciate your Channel!

Mark Raymond says:

Cryptonomicon is the best. Anathem is definitely beautiful too but second best Stephenson book IMO.

kendell church says:

absolutely loved this book so much. could anybody recommend me some scifi in the same vein? im new to it lol

EricSwearingenMusic says:

This book was a hard one, I just listened to the audiobook this summer. There were parts that were a drag, and some that kept me engaged. When it ended I was like.. meh.. but I can’t stop thinking about it… and the more I think about it the more I realized how incredible it was.

AZ says:

As much as i want to listen to it, i can't hear you butcher the name of the book. sorry, I'm out

Kashif Ali says:

It's not tech heavy… It's physics heavy… specifically around time, space, orbital mechanics and parallel universes/alternate timelines.

I've read this book 3 times and each time It gets better.

D Howison says:

Thanks for the review. Really struggling with this on audible. I’ve tried many times :/
Pretty sure I’m going to return this one

Alexandra Sasha Balan says:

Sounds like you would love "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M. Miller Jr. 😉

John Wells says:


beanenator says:

Danial you need to read his book seveneves

Linda Kent says:

Listened to the audiobook. I loooooved it!

Ankur Banerjee says:

'I'm gonna try out an author' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was hilarious

Wyatt Cole says:

I’ll trust your word on this one Danny

Matt Robison says:

One of my favorite novels of all time. So much fun. Definitely my favorite Stephenson novel.

Mr. Late says:

Do you think a Enders game or foundation fan would like this book and also do you think teens would like this ?

Mr. Late says:

Do you think a Enders game or foundation fan would like this book and also do you think teens would like this ?

John Ebert says:


That had me flinching every time.

iminvalhallabitches says:

Snow crash turned me into an anarchist

ThePurpleBookWyrm says:

Well, I plan on reading Seveneves by Stephenson next year, and what you said about Anathem sounds really good! 🙂

XL Dub says:

Is it Anathem or Ananthem? I'm questioning myself here

Kibi Hofmann says:

I loved this book, and most Neal Stephenson stuff. Just a warning: After reading almost all of his books, they all have good stuff in them EXCEPT "Fall". It is dreadful.

Logan Vail says:

This doesn’t sound like something I’d enjoy, but I’m glad you liked it!

Charlotte Stewart says:

you should read anthem by Ayn Rand LMAO

John Van Vugt says:

If you can get past the first third of the book, the reward is worth it! I loved Anathem!

Christopher Bacon says:

I'm actually going to recommend some of his work that isn't science fiction or at most, borderline sience fiction.

Cryptonomicon which is part WWII adventure, part a history of the birth of the computer age and part a look at where the computer industry was going as of the books writing (the 90s)

The Baroque Cycle , a trilogy about the Enlightenment seen from multiple perspectives and is set in the same universe as Cryptonomicon and is funny as hell.

michelle p says:

David Stutz did a rather lovely avant garde music album inspired by the world-building in Anathem.

Approximating Pi is… actually pi, expressed in music! It’s pretty cool of you’re into sound. 🥰

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