Amish Tripathi – The Slow Interview with Neelesh Misra

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The Slow Interview with Neelesh Misra brings to you Amish Tripathi, one of the finest contemporary Indian authors in recent times. After a hiatus of two years, his new book, ‘Amish Tripathi Ravana’ was launched recently by film writer and director Zoya Akhtar.

The man behind the Shiva Triology, his books — The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas, The Oath of the Vayuputras and Ramchandra Series Scion of Ikshvaku and Sita: Warrior of Mithila — broke all the records. His masterpieces were the fastest-selling series in the history of Indian publishing. After a hiatus of two years, his new book, ‘Ravana’ was launched recently by film writer and director Zoya Akhtar.

This episode is a special treat for all the Amish Tripathi fans, where he gets up, close and personal. He shared his journey from being a banker to a successful author.

He reveals he converted from being a non-believer to a believer while writing his first book of the ‘Shiva Triogy’. Having faced rejections and resistance from several publishers who refused to publish his first book, stating that today’s audience (the young generation) won’t read spiritual and philosophical content, Amish never gave up. He persisted and that paid off, and how!

He also talked about his humble family background, studies, and how different parts of India inspire him in different ways. He attributed his love for Indian culture to the fact that he got an opportunity to travel a lot when he was a child

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Abhilasha Martolia says:

Amish Sir… please tell us where we see manusripts to read

Ashish Bhandari says:

best part start from 20:03

Rishabh Bhati says:

Vishwas aur andhvishwash mei difference yeh ki andhvishwash mei you cannot question, you only follow instruction given by massia.
So thus Islam is 100% andhvishwash.

Prajakta Sulekar says:

Neelesh Misra Sir, I can listen to you for hours! Such a blessing you are Sir 🙂

rahul modiya says:

He is truly Indic that's why he is getting attached with readers by heart. I think the writers of India have done before also that's why still alive with their work.

suraj arya says:

I have seen so many episodes sir, but ye jo conversation thi pata hi nahi laga kab khatam ho gyi, dil main utar main gyi and also Amish sir ki awaaz baate itni positive hai ki mann khush ho gya..thanks for this wonderful experience and the cherry on the top the background music in the end thanks neelesh sir and the whole team

Lavasa 2020 says:

Wow what a great interview 🙏

Manish Kushwaha says:

Sach me interview bahut slow hai 😆

KuchB says:

Amish Tripathy is such a great combination of knowledge and wisdom and so rooted to Indian culture.

Ashvina Prabhu says:

While witnessing the conversation a thought flashed in my mind. It had poped up when I came to know, that this sex discrimination is world wide. It's that may be this is not ours. May be long back our indian community adopted this idea of sex discrimination. May be it's form Europe, because they have influenced almost the entire world. May be…


Neelesh 's way of talking is a Therapy.

pavan surwase says:

Loved it ! I was hoping this interview continues little longer

Siddharth singh says:

best conversation yet…..

Pawan Pathak says:


gaurav mishra says:

4 season
No 6 season
Remember guys. NCERT revive your syllabus 🙏

gaurav mishra says:

Genius ho Amish sir.👍
Knowledge ka bhandaar🙏

Jackie S Chowdhury says:

Loved the point of Pacifism Vs Non-Violence. 👌

ganesh dv says:

Neelesh Misraji you have gifted voice…..

divyang singh says:

तो ऐसा क्या हुआ अमिश जी कि जाति व्यवस्था का जन्म हुआ जो अभी तक बरकरार है और यूरोप जो हमसे कई मामलों में पीछे था आज मानवाधिकार के मामले में हमसे कहीं बेहतर और इवॉल्व है l

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